The leader of the UNABOMBER task force and people close to Kaczynski help shed light on a criminal investigation which lasted 17 years and was one of the most expensive criminal investigations in American history. The subject of the hunt eluded capture while waging a random campaign of terror that stymied the authorities and captured the attention of the world.

Ultimately, he was undone by his brother, who recognized the twisted ramblings of his manifesto, which he had succeeded in having published in The New York Times and the Washington Post.

National Geographic recounts how a gifted mathematician lived a hermit’s existence in rural Montana and waged war against innocent Americans. Ted Kaczynski fastidiously prepared bombs and sent them to the mailboxes of academics, airline officials and advertising executives seemingly at random.

‘Hunt for the Unabomber’ presents interviews with those closest to the case and Kaczynski, including FBI profilers, the law enforcement officers who arrested Kaczynski, the leader of the Unabomber Task Force, friends of Kaczynski and the prosecutor in the case.

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