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    If you look at the website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and read statistics of the most populous US states and their respective reported cases of missing children, you’ll see that as of 2016, there are 327 missing children in the State of Texas, the second most populous state in the US, with 27.5M inhabitants.

    The number of missing children in Texas is less than the 392 cases of missing children in Virginia, with a population of 8.9M, or one third of the population of Texas. Most the nation’s capital, Washington, DC is engulfed by Virginia.

    Another anomaly about the missing children in Virginia is that over half of them do not have photographs posted, unlike the reported cases in all of the other states. As the interviewee here asks, “Who would report a child missing and not provide a photograph?”

    There’s a more disturbing pattern, having to do with the time of year during which these unphotographed children disappear at greater numbers. The monthly reported cases of missing children in Virginia – without photos posted – starts out early in the year at 3-6 per reported per month. In September, the number jumps to 23. In October, the month of Halloween, that number jumps exponentially again to over 40. During this year’s Election month of November, 74 children went missing in Virginia.

    These indices are not readily available. They were carefully compiled by correlating the raw numbers.

    The talk shifts to the pedophile bands who played at Comet Ping Pong, some of whose YouTube channels have been taken down, since I began investigating this report.

    I have previously broadcast a piece videoed of a band that performs regularly at Comet Ping Pong called Heavy Breathing, whose lead singer goes by Majestic Ape and who sports a red knitted face mask, sunglasses and a blonde wig. Her voice is altered through digital technology to sound like that of a man. All of this is not only disturbing to watch and to hear but it’s also to disguise the performer, whose real name is Amanda Kleinman, a college professor whose specializes in training students in how to teach learning-disabled children.

    You have to see this, to grasp how messed-up this is.

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    • 幼児の夜泣きに困っているママは多いと思います。

    • Everyone should read Cathy O’Brien’s book Trance – formation of America and see just how far the rabbit hole goes. Very eye-opening about the DC pedo faction.

    • This is truly heartbreaking stuff. The elitists continue to amaze me with their crimes with zero consequences. Please keep up your quest for the truth. We owe it to the innocent. If I may suggest try looking into social services in that area to get information.
      Btw, what does John Walsh have to say about your findings and this PizzaGate phenomenon? Have him go public.

      • Walsh has been though enough…there’s nothing about this he doesn’t know, there’s nothing about this – and they’re arresting people all over the world – just not anybody in the DC ring…

    • When he says “this IS a crime” , he couldn’t be more right. It may ALSO be a disorder, but, like murder at times of insanity or emotional duress, it’s ALSO a crime! And we do need to rescue these kids – the image of the young boy performing acts on the adult was sickening – if I EVER caught that going on, I’d probably kill the adult!

    • Ms. Bruce, I hope you are taking extreme measures regarding your own and your family’s personal security. I suspect you may be in grave danger.

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