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    Over the past 25 years, “Globalization” has meant re-locating virtually all US industrial production to China. This trend has devastated the US Middle Class and triggered the opioid crisis, contributing to 70,000 American deaths in 2018 and sidelining 20% of the eligible US workforce. Globalization has never looked more evil.

    The historical quarantine of 50 million people in China has shuttered factories, causing both a supply shock for importers and a demand shock within the domestic Chinese economy. The repercussions of this unprecedented circumstance remain to be seen but it has certainly shed a glaring light on the hazards of outsourcing all production to China. Globalization has never looked more stupid.

    I can’t say anything with authority about the Coronavirus epidemic but there has been talk of a false flag aspect to it. On Twitter yesterday, while all of the coup-plotting, Russiagating establishment and their kin (Chelsea Clinton) decried the Trump administration’s woeful lack of a response to the Coronavirus; Trump, himself tweeted serenely from India that it’s no big deal and that the US had the virus under control within its borders.

    Meanwhile, videos out of China, show people hanging themselves and throwing themselves out the window, when they’re not being dragged out of their homes, beaten up by cops and forced into quarantine.

    Wayne Jett joins Greg Hunter to share his opinion that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a bioweapon that was released into the populace by the Globalists, in retaliation for the Trump administration’s investigations into the attempted coup against him.

    Greg Hunter asks, “You’re saying that the Globalists have started this to see if they could kibosh the US economy, the global economy and Donald Trump, is that what you’re telling me?”

    Jett responds,”I’m quite convinced of it.” He proceeds to forecast the macroeconomic effects of this potentially orchestrated event.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alexandra; Thanks for all you’re doing to spread the awakening. We’re paying attention, and spreading the word.

      Stop Here On Red

      What do you say when your top bomb expert demolishes the meme?
      Shows how re-bars stripped clean must point away from truth?
      Local stations report in the afternoon unexploded devices
      still being removed, yet no mention on the national news at six?

      What’s to think when the debris pile just doesn’t stack up?
      When the hole is too small, the brand new hardened concrete walls
      too thick and many for a carbon nose cone, the targeted accountants
      too well-placed and unlucky to make suspected wrong-doing stick?

      Doesn’t even one impossible maneuver of a question banked hard
      in its descending corkscrew still smolder in the back of your mind?
      Setting stone? Wetting a line? The patsy, never closer than three feet,
      the kill-shot behind the right ear and powder burns on the collar,

      he’s paraded each decade to upgrade our denial. It’s embarrassing
      what selected psychopaths achieve. Corporations are people.
      Chemtrails only vapor clouding uncommon air. They scritch like nails
      down the gray slate sky, these stupidly explained- away traumas.

      Signs say stop here on red. Wait for pilot car going your direction.
      I’m waiting for anyone credible to explain how steel-framed markets implode
      like volatile skyscrapers and perps all go free. How sagging backpacks
      hide pressure cookers. How the FBI lists no murders, Sandy Hook, 2012.

    • Well, lets see, in 1913 this country, and the world got Federal Reserved, which is not Federal, and has no Reserves. They do however have a Globalist agenda, to enslave the world, manipulate money, and control economy of this country, and then the world. Then we have past presidents that thought it would be good to make a big profit, so they farmed out jobs to countries like China. So Corporations could make a bigger KILLING, of of the small people, us. And now, it’s coming unraveled, by the “virus”, and the manufacturing in this country is not up to the task needing to be done. Do you think it was planned? My opinion, YES! Will there be more “problems”? YES! Because POTUS, is breaking up their plans, or, so I believe.
      Best wishes to all, to see through the cloud of the swamp, and it’s critters.

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