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How to Stop Jab Door Knockers (by Ex-DEA Agent)

Jeffrey Prather was a DEA agent for many years, during which time he conducted numerous “Knock and Talks”. He has this advice for you when the Biden Vaccine Strike Force Teams come knocking at your door:

• Lock your doors.

• Don’t answer the knock.

• If you answer inadvertently, do not permit entry. This is called a “Knock & Talk” by law enforcement and it is a way to gain entry.

• If they ask you questions, you don’t need to answer questions.

• If you are not able to remain silent, you can claim that you were jabbed or you can cite and repeat your right to remain silent and also your HIPAA privacy and complaint rights, which are totally legal. No one has a right to your medical information.

• Ask for their photo ID and photograph/record their license plates (“That’s called a 10-28 in cop talk”).

• Once they’re in, the officers can make a warrantless “safety sweep” of the area, to look around and make sure they’re safe or they could plant evidence, plant recording devices or they could perjure about fake “probable cause” that they saw in the interior, to come back later with a warrant or just do reconnaissance for a return.

• If entrance is inadvertently admitted, order them out and film and record everyone constantly. Also, try and do this live. Do not leave them alone or unattended.

• If able, go live and broadcast simultaneously, while ordering them out.

• Do not threaten, yell or brandish weaponry.

• If neighbored- and teamed-up, you can activate your phone tree and alert trees and teammates to let them know that they are coming.

• If trained, you can surveil them upon departure at a safe and discreet distance, to get 10-28 and 10-29 for future proactivity.

Prather says, “This is taking freedom. Freedom is taken. So, take it.”

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