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Jeff Berwick, Founder of the Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast interviews Managing Director of TDV Offshore, Paul Seymour about the misperceptions around having offshore bank accounts, businesses and additional citizenships – and how these are not difficult to obtain, as people might think.

They discuss the upcoming TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit, to be held on February 18th in Acapulco, which will precede this year’s ANARCHAPULCO event.

I attended ANARCHAPULCO 2015 and it was the most dynamic and completely fun gathering of individuals at a serious conference, which also turned an exhilarating social event.

This interview also covers the specific details of obtaining¬†Colombian citizenship, the illegal and unconstitutional FATCA capital controls and how to set up offshore trusts. They discuss the topic of self-directed IRAs, the looming possibility of “IRA confiscation”, whereby US Citizens may be obliged to convert their retirement accounts into US Treasury Bonds and more.

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