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Many of us have fantasized since childhood about the day that we would be able to fly around with a jetpack. Richard Browning not only built one but he built the world’s fastest one. This radical new form of transportation will set you back only $400,000!

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Camando Cody…too cool. With flight in mind, I’ve been watching the adventures of a young man named Tucker Gott out of New Jersey who has a YT channel flying ParaMotors in the back pack version vis a vis the four wheel deal. With lessons a good fifteen k and ready to fly. Too old now, but it’s one of those sports one can do for decades and even be ‘too old’.

  • Dubai is trying out new personal helicopters with the blades exposed, can you imagine the crowd control they would have with that? The blades are below the rider. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

  • Very interesting and fun to watch!
    It’s what inventive minds should be contributing to the world. I could imagine classrooms full of students eager to figure out ways to use this form of travel and ways to make the flight safer and less expensive.
    The uses are staggering….for accessing devastated areas of flooding or fire or landslides. Transporting supplies & medical equipment….and also just to have some terrific great fun too!
    Makes one proud to be a member of the human race….koodos to these fellows.

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