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In February of 2020, a state-run Chinese institute seeks a patent on the use of remdesivir to treat coronavirus, based on the results of a single patient.

In April of 2020, Anthony Fauci cited a study, which he said proved remdesivir could block coronavirus.

He claimed the study showed that remdesivir was “safe and efficacious” in the use against the Ebola virus in 2018 and 2019.

But this was a lie.

If one were to actually look at the study, which was testing four different drugs against Ebola virus, they will find that the Safety Board pulled remdesivir out of the trial 6 months early, because over 50% of the patients who received it died.

Fauci quoted a second study in his mandating of the use of remdesivir, a study conducted by the makers of remdesivir, wherein 50 patients with COVID were administered the drug for 10 days.

27% of them suffered from multiple organ dysfunction, septic shock ad acute kidney injury.

8% of them had to be taken off the drug after only 5 days, because it was killing them.

After the CCP and Fauci recommended the use of remdesivir, the US secured the world’s supply and began treating Americans with it.

COVID patients immediately began suffering kidney failure, which was then blamed on COVID, even though studies by the manufacturer show that Remdesivir causes it in 23% after only a few days.

When the kidneys fail, the lungs fill with liquid, which is how thousands have died in the hospitals, being put on ventilators.

And it’s all being blamed on COVID.

But if we read the fine print, we see that this is t be expected with remdesivir.

And this has happened before.

YouTuber, Jamie Dlux compared two patients from the past, Freddie Mercury and Magic Johnson, both diagnosed with HIV around the same time, both advised by none other than Anthony Fauci to take the drug, AZT.

As Freddie Mercury took deadly doses of the drug, his health quickly deteriorated until he died.

Magic Johnson started taking it but it made him feel worse and so he stopped.

The media storm surrounding Johnson’s condition immediately disappeared after he stopped taking AZT and never mentioned it.

And Magic Johnson is alive and healthy today.

This is how they kill us.

They sow fear with pop culture lies and kill us with deadly drugs in the hospital.

Just like the so-called vaccines, which the FDA were aware of how deadly they were back in October of last year, where they published all the side effects we are seeing today in the vaccinated, while failing to include them in the vaccine inserts.

For copies of these documents and for healthy treatment, you can go to Dr Ardis’ website.

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