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    After being fired last week, Bill Barr dropped a stink bomb Monday before leaving office on Wednesday by reiterating that he had not seen widespread election fraud warranting the appointment of a Special Counsel and that likewise, he had not found the graft, espionage and the complete compromise of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden worthy of any further investigation.

    Later that day, Americans on every side of the aisle were slapped in the face when the House and Senate passed the $900 billion COVID “stimulus” bill, which will grant Americans $600 in relief.

    People are livid that the government arbitrarily closed the economy for the past 9 months, small businesses were destroyed, millions lost their jobs, schools were closed, etc. and for their compliance with this 9-month controlled demolition of the economy they’re given $600. That’s $66.66 a month, $16.66 a week, $2.38 a day, $0.09 an hour.

    $600 × 328 million Americans = $196.8 billion – but the bill is for $900 billion.

    Who’s getting that other $700+ billion?

    Here’s a list of some:

    $3.36B to Bill Gates
    $3.3B to Israel
    $1.4B for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”
    $1.3B for “Foreign Military Financing (Egypt)”
    $700M to Sudan
    $453M to Ukraine
    $135M to Burma
    $130M to Nepal
    $85.5M to Cambodia
    $33M to Venezuela
    $25M to Pakistan, $10M of which is for “Gender Programs”
    $4.4M to past presidents in allowances and office staff


    Patrick Byrne blasted the White House staff after attending an election meeting there with President Trump, Sydney Powell and Gen Michael Flynn, reserving his harshest criticism for Trump’s General Counsel, Pat Cippollone, tweeting, “I’m not afraid of these weasels. A greasy slickster like Pat Cippollone leaks lies to the NYT. I tell the truth publicly.”

    A couple of hours later, Byrne followed-up, “I hear White House General Counsel Pat Cipollone was fired tonight. From my hours with the guy Friday night, that would be the smartest thing Trump could have done. Scheming worm worrying about his next job and what socialite parties he might get invited to.”

    In an interview with Tracy Beanz about the election fraud that his team of investigators have uncovered, Byrne stated the following: “We can’t bend the knee to this. It is up to us to get the information out there. We can get the information out there if Donald Trump will just sign the right piece of paper…

    “There is a single piece of paper he can sign that’s all been written up that would give Sidney Powell the ability to pursue the evidence. She will bite the ass off a bear. This is one ball-buster of a woman. She will have that evidence and it will be all written up by January 4th. It ain’t that hard.

    “We know exactly what happened and we know where it happened. We have all the whistleblowers and affidavits. We just want to inspect some computer hard drives and we’ll have it … unleash Sidney Powell is what he needs to do.”

    Byrne believes that if Sidney Powell is appointed Special Counsel, a half-a-dozen people will be indicted by January 4th.


    Simon Parkes, former British Labour politician who claims to have intelligence sources connected to the White House used a chess term on Monday to describe how Trump has maneuvered the Supreme Court into a position whereby it is now “pinned”.

    “Trump has basically asked SCOTUS to look at Pennsylvania to agree that the local senate the local legislature should have been able to make any changes or rules to the law before November the 3rd in regard to the election but didn’t.

    “It was the state that made those changes, which is in violation of Pennsylvania’s own constitution – and indeed, the Constitution of the United States. Now, here’s the problem for SCOTUS, because if they refuse to hear the President’s case or they hear it and they throw it out or they give it a docket number and give it a date after Inauguration, then those Supreme Court justices will be held for treason…

    “If SCOTUS moves to protect Biden, then they will be had for treason. If they stay where they are, the Deep State might not be very pleased with them but at least they won’t then be facing what is in effect the death penalty.”

    In his previous post on Saturday that went viral and is shared here, Parkes describes surreal scenarios, where the Mainstream Media may refuse to cover Trump’s Inauguration and instead, cover the Biden team’s staged fake inauguration on a remote set.

    This would be the same way they staged their fake “prime time” acceptance rally on November 6th, in a parking lot full of Jeeps, with Biden’s videotaped speech pre-recorded at a separate location and piped in over the Jumbotron.

    This was observable in the wide shot. He did not walk out on the stage and the podiums didn’t match. Parkes also says that parties attempting to be sworn-in and participating in this ceremony will be arrested.

    For her part, Tore Maras continues to say that “We’ve already won,” and “It had to be this way”.

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