Ill health is nothing to joke about. Unfortunately, karma is a b***.

There is a gaping lack of levity in the US’ current political discourse that this clip provides: Hillary the [Soros] sock-puppet recently addressed lingering doubts regarding her physical fitness to perform the duties and to endure the grueling schedule of being America’s Commander in Chief:

“Recently, there have been questions regarding my health. I’d like to address these right now. I’m fine. I’m fine. No, really, I’m fine.

“There have been rumors that I might have Parkinson’s, arthritis, a stroke venereal disease or some kind of cancer. I want to categorically deny that none of these elements are affecting me.

“The large, giant black man you constantly see next to me holding some kind of medical injection device is simply an old family friend. He makes me feel safe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. My health is perfect I would like to reassure the public that my health is perfectly fine I do not have seizures at any time I am always completely 100%.

“Once again, I want to reassure the public that I am in perfect health. Perfect health. There is no stuttering or stammering and I certainly don’t have any kind of freezing moments. I am perfect. Thank you.”

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