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As the Democratic Party melts down in rancorous fulmination on the heels of Julian Assange’s release of 20,000 embarrassing emails, the long-suffering Bernie Sanders begs the conventioneers to vote for Neocon warmonger, Hillary Clinton. But is it “progressive” for voters to elect a candidate whose election entails the distinct likelihood of nuclear war?

She, herself has stated more than once that, “The nuclear option is not off the table.” These pronouncements should be seen within the context of the psychopathic glee that she expressed about “her” war with Libya, where she reveled joyously at Muammar Gaddafi’s graphic murder, by which he was sodomized to death with a knife, as recorded by cellphone cameras and witnessed by billions, worldwide.

Anyone who says “Never Trump” needs to understand that Clinton has completely sold out to Wall Street and to the Military Industrial Complex, in her relentless offensive to become the first Woman President of the US and that she will happily do her masters’ bidding, having a strong appetite for bloodshed, herself.

Make no mistake: a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for World War III. She appears well-prepared to commit mass-genocide in upcoming conflagrations planned by the US’ Wehrmacht against Russia and Iran.

Most Americans want something better than what the Republican-Democratic duopoly crams down our throats. We’re mad as Hell and, as seen in the Conventions of Cleveland and Philadelphia, we’re starting to realize how powerful we are: We don’t need to take it anymore – do we?

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Sorry Patriots, but “Presidents are SE-lected, not E-lected!” a comment accurately stated by Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd. POTUS who was SE-lected by the stealth government to four God-awful Terms. Roosevelt, along with a corrupt, complicit Congress, was directly responsible for a pre-meditated world war, the illegal internment of Japanese-Americans, etc, etc, etc.. Roosevelt’s criminal record against the American people is endless!
    The only One who can stop the process is God Himself…IF it’s His Plan to intervene in what is obviously, the inevitable! end of the American Empire!

  • I hate to say this but, vote for Trump, at least it won’t mean this place will be a nuclear dump, site. Will it? If she wins, I think I will start getting high again, till the end, game. Well you can’t say that she thinks things through. The U S Ahole in one fell swoop. Then if anybody is left, we start having “road warier” games instead of NSA, CIA games, Another way to look at it, no more gas wars, No more power bills, no more shopping, for anything, or going anywhere without your radiation suit, find some clean water, joke! If the power grid goes down we will have several melt downs, to say the least, Fukushima will be a free clear running stream,LOL, The END is NEAR. So bend over put your head between your knees, and kiss your ass good by. There, I think I have vented about KILLARY Clinton !!?// .

  • Scary as hell, isn’t she?? Hillary’s a neo-con. A vote for Hillary is a vote a third George Bush. Administration.

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