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    The Gateway Pundit posted this video of CCTV footage taken at the garage at Detroit’s TCF Center on Election Night, that shows a white van making two stops to drop off four loads of what look like thousands of ballots after 3AM.

    Prior to the arrival of the white van, a black 2020 Hyundai Elantra with Pennsylvania license plates was seen driving into the TCF Center, whose driver exchanged something with a man who emerged from the interior of the building. This car returned again for another exchange between the driver and an election worker before delivery of the final load of ballots.

    The Gateway Pundit was able to identify the black vehicle. It was registered in Pennsylvania and then registered in Michigan in October. The car had a new title but they kept the old Pennsylvania plates on the car. They believe the vehicle is registered to Enterprise rent-a-car.

    The Gateway Pundit also concluded that the Hyundai was there in an official capacity, which was omitted from the sworn affidavits of Detroit officials.

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    • In 2008 and 2012 election fraud was committed to get Obama into the presidency. When a voter went to the machine, a minute after voting selection was made the machine would automatically flip to Obama’s name no matter who was selected. This was shown on the news on TV and yet no one did a thing about it. Even those reporting it did not bother to do any follow up.

    • This completely enrages me. Actually, I feel a mixture or rage, hopelessness, and disbelief because this bullshit farce of a “free and fair democratic election” is being allowed by the people. Its obvious that the so called safeguards that were supposed to protect against this are completely corrupt and compromised. And we sit idly by and let it happen, just as it has obviously been happening for awhile. There has been evidence about Soros’ rigged voting machines since Hillary Clinton and before. WikiLeaks documents referred to it, and its obvious that this was an organized procedure. Surely nobody could believe this is the first time and it was spontaneous reaction to their failed candidate. Because to believe that would be to believe that at poll closing, DNC officials see Biden has lost, and in a couple of hours had 100s of thousands of fake ballots made up and packaged all neatly with invoice and packing slips to be delivered in a most organized way. This shit has been going on but its never been so blatant. In fact, they fuk’d us so well that it appears this 80 year old, senile crook that’s created 1 job in 47yrs….for his son- that this poster boy for corrupt government not only won, but received more votes than any other president.,,combined. This country is lost and deserves whatever takes it place. Those ideals and narrative about free and open society where everyone’s voice is heard is a crock of sh1t, and it died on our watch.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      This is, of course, is evidence that does not exist!

      Notwithstanding, it should not be long before you may elect for the gist of your videos to change? From cautioning us against the despicable ‘Evil’, you might consider a different but equally informative motivation and purpose for your website, altogether? One that might start to earn you a respectable income at last.

      I, for one, cannot thank you enough for your perseverance.

      I can tell you that from the signs I am seeing this evening, the days of the quite dreadful ‘Evil’ ‘witch’ Nancy Pelosi are well and truly over. As for Obama, I can but hope that he hangs by his neck, along with Bill Hates, Comey, the Clintons and Meuller etc!

      PS I like the improvements you are making to your website! Looks very polished!

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