Jeff Ostroff, a South Florida-based Construction/Engineering YouTube Influencer uses video to reconstruct the timeline of events in the hours leading up to the Miami Condo collapse and examines the evidence to offer a root cause and a failure analysis to determine how the Champlain Towers South Condo building collapsed on Jun 24, 2021.

This condo collapse analysis pulls in statements made by witnesses, and also witness videos and security camera videos which captured the condo building collapse from around the property and some video just moments before the now infamous Miami Condo Collapse.

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  • Skinny columns. Someone told me that higher columns have less weight to bear and are constructed accordingly. Also, thinner columns are less of a burden on those below.

  • 3 questions.
    Why did demolished buildings fall exactly the same way as the initial collapse?
    Where are the videos leading up to the collapse?
    Where are the interviews with residents and surrounding occupants regarding sounds and noises?
    There is water in, on and under every beach front condo in Florida and they do not fall down as if imploded. A pool deck collapse does not bring down a building. How much were you paid for this?

    • The case of salt water pouring into the pool and garage area for years, according to at least one former employee engineer, sounds most likely to me. That, along with management neglect, may lead to a large settlement with possible criminal charges. Google searches by you will bring up this info. Salt water eats into everything. Decades of it with shoddy management is a recipe for disaster.

  • interesting how we do not hear about the very first explanation of this tragedy, which is, the Navy was conducting bomb testing off the coast of Florida, which caused an earthquake in Florida. If this bldg was weak and fell this is the reason….

      • Can’t confirm it but have seen a few posts that McAfee the creator of mcafee anti virus for computers that system was on the voting machines and His son had a condo in that building….. hmmmm

  • Really? The video from the neighborhood surveillance camera clearly shows flashes in the sections of the building that collapsed before it fell (these were edited out for the versions that were shown on MSM). Some witnesses testify to hearing explosions before the sections fell. Reinforced concrete buildings don’t collapse like that in real life. It was demolished. Pay some attention.

  • One earthquake 6 months ago and one about a year ago in Florida; east coast and panhandle. Plus, one week prior there was a Navy test explosion off the coast at Daytona that created a 3.9 in Daytona. The effect of the three might have incrementally weakened a support system that may have been shoddy to start. Can’t make sense out of it otherwise.

    1) the support system would’ve had regular inspections not to mention at construction and pre-sales.
    2) the money put into those choice property would’ve been substantial. Why would a contractor selling cream of the crop properties with exclusive high price tags NOT be careful with the structural support system?

    Makes no sense. SOMETHING happened.

  • They are clearly punching shear failures between the 1st & 2nd garage floors, as well as the pool deck. Also note – there are no protruding, or dangling strands of rebar around the columns where the collapsed floor slabs were once connected. The larger question is what triggered it all, especially the pool deck. There was no load on the deck – if it were going to let go – one would have expected some loading above ambient to have occurred – such as an earthquake – a vehicle driving somewhere is shouldn’t have. I saw a lot of this sort of thing in Northridge CA after the big quake out there, but there’s no obvious trigger showing.

  • Sorry, that is not how and why the Surfside condos collapsed. The truth is in plain sight. Seconds prior to the collapse you can clearly see blue flashes at the top just above the condos. These flashes are the result of a direct energy weapon. You can see the continued flashes and then seconds later you can see interior flashes inside the condo just prior to the collapse (thermite). This is twin towers all over again but for different reasons.

  • AND!!!! Pigs can fly too (Laugh!!!)
    This Narrative has already been proven dead wrong!
    Just another small version 9/11 folks.

  • So lets get this right, You’re a member of the Cabal, a paid mouth piece who sets out to cover their attacks on humanity!

  • It collapsed because the construction did not include a slope to drain away water. The terrace was flat. I’d think it would be required to make provisions for water to drain.

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