The Solar System is not an orrery. 

The planets follow the Sun, in a corkscrewing motion that is described as helical and vortical (of or relating to a vortex), while the Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This modeling gives a much more realistic, dynamic view of the motions of our solar system and of us, within it than the more commonplace conceptualization we get from the traditional heliocentric model of the Solar System.

The combined motions of the Earth within the Galaxy add up to 574,585 mph, for a person sitting in a chair at the Equator. If we add the speed at which the Milky Way is hurtling towards the Hercules Constellation, we tack on an extra 1,339,200 mph.

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  • Hanz is correct. The truth is that our paths through space are enormously complicated, and entirely irrelevant. That’s what “relativity” means, the significance is felt with a frames of reference’s relation RELATIVE to another and with the speed of light as your anchor point.

    Truthy1 simply hasn’t looked for any explanations that he doesn’t like. There is also no “clock-like” precision in the alignment of monuments on earth. I also invite him to explain how he knows that Nasa’s videos are all CGI since ipso facto neither he nor anyone else has seen what it really looks like.

    Todd, if he is anything like the rest of the flat-earthers out there, can’t even understand the concept of inertia. I wouldn’t waste my time explaining quantum chromodynamics to my cat either.

  • Gives me a new perspective and understanding of what I have been studying for many years. Thank you.

  • Excellent reply Todd ! Nobody seems to be able to explain how we are moving through space and yet the stars never move out of their positions over very long time spans ( procession of the equinox ) and realign to monuments here on earth with clock like precision. By the way there are no “Planets” The Creator only made wandering stars that happen to look exactly like the other stars through a telescope. ( Youtube will confirm this ) NASA’s cgi artists renderings and “green screen” magik have fooled the masses.

  • This video looks great, but the claim that the ‘old helical model’ is incorrect is just an example of misunderstood science. The helical model is correct, the corkscrew stuff is correct, and BTW, the ‘sun rotates around the earth’ is correct, too. It all depends on the frame of reference!

  • Considering the plethora of evidence currently available of ‘flat earth’, and considering that there are no ‘scientists’ from the astronomy community stepping forward to debunk this evidence, I’m leaning toward a Flat Earth. Consequently this model is false. I invite you to view any of 1000’s of videos (youtube) on this subject and decide for yourself. Mark Sargent, Eric Dubay, and Jeranism are great starting points.


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