Tore Maras is back after 10 days in DC with fellow members of the ‘ShadowGate’ posse, Patrick Bergy, Millie Weaver, Gavin Wince, joined by Lt. Scott Bennett, Patrick Byrne and others. I can infer from the photos she’s tweeted and from the things she says in this podcast that they were there to lend their expertise in Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) and specifically, in the Hammer, Scorecard and ShadowNet programs to help the Trump lawyers put together their voter fraud cases.

Tore and Bergy are intelligence whistleblowers with both military and contractor backgrounds who starred in the very important, groundbreaking film, ‘ShadowGate’. The two worked in IIA and used the military psychological warfare weapon created by Bergy called ShadowNet, which merged the capabilities of The Hammer and Scorecard with those of nefarious Internet algorithms and social media to control the public narrative through the Fake News, to rig elections, to organize the BLM riots, among other things.

This ultimate datamining and AI technology was developed using taxpayer funds and it was privatized for the personal gain of former US Government officials, who exploit this information to control politicians and other powerful people, in order to sell out the United States of America.

USAF Lt Gen Thomas McInerney (Ret) first broke the story about The Hammer on March 19th, 2017 on Dr Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom podcast, including the fact that Robert Mueller and James Comey were directly involved with Barack Obama in operating The Hammer as a means to leverage and blackmail their targets. Within moments of that broadcast, FBI agents (and suspected Iranian agents) Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were texting each other about it, as seen in their declassified texts.


This network of retired US Generals and intelligence chiefs with access to ShadowNet includes all of President Obama’s top National Security personnel, including his CIA Director, John Brennan, his Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, his NSA Director, Michael Hayden and his National Security Advisor, General James L Jones.

These men are traitors to the Republic, as the primary administrators of the Fourth Generation warfare currently being waged against the American people, in alliance with the Globalist UK, EU, CCP and the Islamic Republic of Iran.


From what I can gather, The Hammer is an extremely secret signals intelligence program on a closed encrypted communications network that does not traverse the Internet, using PIN-to-PIN messaging. This was preloaded onto 1,200 Blackberry devices that were distributed among trusted Obama insiders (aka Globalist agents). Each of these devices could access The Hammer Vault, a massive secret database of The Hammer’s illegally-collected data, including corporate and military intellectual property and US Defense secrets, accessible only to Obama team insiders.

CIA/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, who originally developed The Hammer for John Brennan and James Clapper says that among those who received these Blackberries from the Obama White House was Hunter Biden. Montgomery indicates that the FBI and DOJ have long been aware of Hunter and Joe Biden’s espionage activities, such as the sale of a US military technology manufacturer to the CCP via Hunter’s private equity company, Bohai Harvest.

Scorecard is the name of the application that runs on the Hammer network, that organizes and streamlines an enormous amount data. Tore and Bergy have experience with The Hammer, Scorecard ans ShadowNet. As she explains in this podcast:

“Scorecard was what we used to help us understand communications between these various factions…[Scorecard] allowed us to decrypt communications between factions of mercenaries, like al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, you name it…

“Patrick Bergy, he actually created the ShadowNet…[which] was the way of merging those two components and perfecting it by using cyberspace and penetrating our social media, entertainment, the whole nine yards.

“What has been happening to us, as a nation the past four years is a really remedial psyop. Really remedial. They have deployed the ShadowNet and they, themselves – if you go to, they tell you that they have deployed the ShadowNet with their own words. They call it ShadowNet.

“They have deployed a weapon that we created, out onto the American People. Now, it’s not only that, it goes before the birth of the ShadowNet in the mid 2000s, early 2000s, because it started a long, long time ago. And this retired Air Force General [McInerney] knows – but he only goes back to the core components.”

As examples of what she says, I would venture to guess that when a post we make about Hunter Biden gets us instantly locked out of our accounts across the major social media platforms or when we see most of President Trump’s tweets flagged with propagandistic disclaimers that are synchronized with the uniform messaging of corrupt politicians and Mainstream Media outlets, we are looking at the coordinating AI capabilities of the ShadowNet in action.

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  • Dear Alexandra,

    I find it fascinating that Sky News Australia seems to be the only element within the MSM prepared to speak out more truthfully.

    Media ‘wilfully misleads’ public on Trump’s voter fraud claims.

    “For the media to relentlessly insist President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud or irregularity are baseless shows they are “wilfully misleading the public”, says Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens. “There’s also this insistence that Trump is losing court case after court case, that’s not true,” Ms Cousens told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave. “According to Rudy Giuliani they only actually have about three cases on the go. “The most important point here is that the media is insisting and insisting that Pennsylvania certified its votes and so has Michigan and so is these other states – so that’s it that’s final. “That’s not the case, votes can be decertified by a court order.” Ms Cousens said the “buck stops with the legislature”. “There are legs on this yet, and I am fascinated to see what happens,” she said.”

  • How the DS communicates without discovery so as to stay so incredibly and uniformly on the same page–with their talking points and “marching orders”–has been THE mystery of the past four years. Makes sense, especially when considering Hillary’s strange attachment to her Blackberries! Disrupt their communications, and…viola! Finished!


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