This is an introduction to the talk about Black Goo given by Harald Krautz Vella, at last summer’s Bases Conference in the UK, hosted by Miles Johnston

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  • I am 71 yrs old and have waited for 40 years for Harald Kautz to explain what life is all about. Now my soul is at peace. I have only listened to Part 1 awa his 3 hour seminar. Will listen to him whenever I can, and he explained most of my questions to the universe. The only question that I would like to have an answer to is how can I prevent for my soul to be hijacked again at the moment of physical death. I don’t know how to thank you Harald so I am sending you loving and protection energy thoughts.

  • I really wanted to hear what Harald had to say but Miles kept interrupting him. Miles was trying to show us how smart he was by interjecting stuff that the rest of us could care less about. The object of an interview is to inform the listeners not to show the interviewers intellect. I wasted 40 minutes and am dubious about watching Part 2.

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