Julian Assange is alive.

He’s resurfaced to definitively quash the “Russian Hacking” and “Russian Propaganda” canards being lobbed into the minds of the hapless public by the desperate Obama Administration, the Globalist toady establishment and the pathetic and discredited Ministry of Propaganda Mainstream Media.


Formerly deplorable FoxNews is experiencing an odd interlude, with the ouster of its longtime Chairman, Roger Ailes and it’s wisely scooping up the market share of dispossessed American TV news viewers, turned off by the obvious fake news being spouted by the competing networks.

Enjoy the chaos that allows truth to be told while it lasts!

In case you missed it, here is Julian Assange at the London Ecuadorian Embassy with Sean Hannity.

Every minute of this interview is golden. Don’t miss a word!

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  • We, once upon a time, had a president that said, secret society’s were repugnant, secrets in government were against the law. (or something like that) the power greedy killed him. This world needs more truth, and less corporations, like The United States of America Corporation, and the Republic witch it Stomps on. I know, but I said it anyway.

  • Golden indeed, but I was a bit disappointed with Assange’s pussy footing around media collusion with Hilliary which has been ever so obvious since the days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, though I appreciate him not wanting to make more MSM enemies.

  • Great work Alex, keep it up! However, I don’t know about the validity of this video and interview. There are too many green hues everywhere especially ones that are even ones masked on the background. All around Julian Assange’s head there is almost an inch of digital artifacting. Also the side scale shots of the two people are totally off. It makes the interviewer look like a ‘hobbit’ and Assange look like a giant. There are way too many odd looking things in this interview. There is also no shadows being cast for Assange on the establishing shots. Being locked in an embassy for so long would clearly make him very vitamin D depleted but he would certainly cast a shadow. There is also a very green streak on his very blue tie. Fox makes movies & television not news IMO.

    • This is a 3-camera shoot. The over-the-shoulder-looking at Sean (when it’s wide) is taken from a wide angle lens because the space appears to be quite small. When that camera zooms in on Sean, it’s not wide. Both have extensive backlighting, which is classic TV style lighting – with major light kicks off of their hair. There’s more lighting and more reflectivity on Julian’s side because he has a shock of white hair and the camera angles are all generally favoring him. Finally, I think the chairs they’re sitting are not uniform. It appears that Julian’s is higher, or else his torso is much longer than Sean’s, who is aso 2″ shorter. I think this is a genuine document.

      • Hi Alex, I am glad we still live in an era of ‘quasi’ free speech. The light does not bounce or aura around Sean Hannity like it does Julian. I also think that there are too many green bits showing up like the ones used in green screen acting and digital manipulation. I admit the angles are odd, too odd. I am not trying to Milgram anyone here as I am not a professional in this field. However, I would like to have a forensic video analyst go over this frame by frame. Wasn’t it FKTV or Brasscheck that posted a video about individuals saying a script in front of the camera then with tech & computers our dear leaders saying anything that is wanted. All it takes is some digital editing and some software and even you or I could be saying whatever is wanted to be said, said. It seems I can no longer find that video anywhere or I would post it here. That being said I still think Julian is a sort of ‘state sponsored leaker’. Kind of like a controlled demolition thing. Though I agree with what he and WikiLeaks is doing. The criticisms and leaks do not go far enough. I agree that it was not Russian hackers and bits of the message ring true when the DNC servers are not even forensically looked at. The best hackers are state hackers after all. Peace!

      • I dunno. That lateral 2-shot DOES look weird and there does appear to be some green around Sean’s edges…and the size difference is weird…

        • It’s the real Alexandra Bruce! Is this the above reply of January 6, 2017 at 3:32 am you as well? Or was that someone’s attempt to Milgram us all into a state of Edward Bernay’s?

          • The comment section has been spammed ferociously. I’m here, deleting 10k comment spams, almost 3 months after you asked this question and I can’t see what you’re referring to from this part of the backend…or was that a joke?

  • Its a miracle; He has risen!
    Perhaps it’s the Mandela Affect?
    Shall we credit credulity as MSM truth, or allow time to ransom fallacy?
    Sorry, I just need something a wee bit more substantial. Lets allow things to breathe a bit during the new administration. It should be a good year to let nature take its course before jumping to convulsions.


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