Many subscribers may recall that I sent along a wonderful movie, that was said to be available for free for the next few days -but within 24 hours, the link directed viewers only to the trailer of this film.

5,000 lucky FKTV subscribers did get to see the full film for free and surprisingly, the trailer continued to be the site’s most popular download of the week.

I’d been contacted by the filmmaker and his lawyer, to basically “cease and desist”, which I found confusing, since I was just following the directions on his YouTube page. In any case, that’s why the switch to trailer was made.

But the numbers showed me that something important was going on here, not to mention the barrage of emails from disappointed subscribers, so I made friends with the film’s director, Steve Kroschel and we worked something out.

See, he’s out a couple of hundred thousand dollars for making this film out-of-pocket and the brutal Alaskan winter is fast approaching and he could literally freeze to death, if he doesn’t get paid for his work, let alone recoup the costs of this beautifully-photographed production, which was shot in several locations, and features Internet health maestro, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, among a cast of hundreds, in his hometown of Haines, Alaska.

So he decided to make this film available to my list as a rental VOD (video-on-demand) for a period of one month, for 72 hours at $7.99 a pop.

The film is riveting. It’s about a simple yet complex topic, demonstrating the relationships between our health, our Earth and the Cosmos – specifically, Plasma Cosmology, a.k.a. the Electric Universe and how everything is not just connected in a woo-woo way – but in an actual, electric way.

‘Grounded’ is an independent feature film about what is considered by many authorities to be “The Greatest Health RE-discovery of All Time”: Walking barefoot on the Earth.

This simple activity was found to cure a surprising array of ailments in residents of Alaska – a place not exactly renowned for its barefoot lifestyle!

We also discover ways that the Earth’s telluric energy can still be transmitted through shoes, by taking special steps (OK – pun intended), and into the very place you call home, to give you the charge that nature intended.

This breakthrough film hasn’t even been released, and this rental is being offered at less than half the price of the DVD, which *also* isn’t available yet – so even those who’d previously missed out on getting to view it for free are now being offered the
opportunity to be among the first people to get to see what may very well become a hit film and seen as a definitive alternative health and science documentary, that has a long-lasting impact on how human beings view their relationships with their own
health, the Earth and the Universe.

This is a scoop for FKTV subscribers and a win-win for all involved. Yay! 

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