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  • I think Tulsi calling out and making Kamala Harris look bad during the debates put her on the Democratic Shit List, but could be something else, any ideas! I really like her but she backed by who;however, she says the right things always! I watched her years ago and was quite surprised when I learned she was Democratic!

    • Since she is really pushing the “Idea” of a possible Nuclear War with Russia, that makes her No different than any other politician.
      Nukes do Not exist. It is a Fear Mongering Tactic that started at the end of WW2 for the United States to control the World out of Fear. “See what will happen to your Nation/Country if you do not comply…..”
      By the way, Hiroshima & Nagasaki were Christianized cities, and Pope Pius was helping Adolf Hitler deliver Peace Treaties. So what is really going on here??

  • If Cliff would have continued this conversation in how he started it, he would have actually been of help to humankind, hence the Age of “Aquarius” we just entered.
    I suspect the Natural fall out of the Magnetic North Pole shifting will be blamed on a “Nuke.”

  • The new long cycle of Venus is about to begin…260 years ,changing human culture . The end of October is s pivot point. In your data analysis thing you do ,sometimes people complain about the lack of UFOs. It may be that the UFOs are a data glitch for Starkink s thousands of satellites…….. More low earth orbit UFOs the world has ever seen.
    It’s claimed speed is 250 megabytes a second down ,50 megabytes up ,21 ms latency……in ideal conditions with no obstruction……expect half that.
    What is shocking is the power needed for the receiver unit. It seems to use 2.5 amps at mains voltage……….enough to power sixty ten watt eco lamps. . So much for being green ,40,000 satellites and enough juice for a games console.

    • Satellites, another Phycological Warfare, created to keep us in the Dark!
      UFO’s have always been “Low Earth Orbit” because we have Never left low earth orbit. Even admitted by NASA!


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