I’ve always understood what Duff’s game is, as he makes it obvious fairly often, in interviews like these.

Therefore, his ultimate statements, here were no shock to me. They were proof that he was an honest man – as honest that a man can be, when he has taken the National Security Oath, where one slip of the tongue could land him in the shoes of Obama’s NEXT person to be charged with the Espionage Act.

When asked by Mike Harris, show host of “Short End of the Stick” what he recommended that people should do, who are serious about ridding the government of corruption, about getting our rights back, about making this country a free country again?

Duff responds, “Well, I’d like to tell people to only go on the Internet and to only read alternative news sites…but the problem is…even we’ve been hijacked…I don’t know any imaginable way that you can get information…I have as good access to information as anyone, probably – anyone I know of – about 30% of what’s on Veteran’s Today is patently False. At least 40% of what I write is at least purposefully partially false because if I didn’t write false information, I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write anything I write, I write between the lines”

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