In a post published on December 4, 2016,’s Clif High warns publishers of “woo-woo” content, such as posts relating to UFOs, cymatics and Native American spirituality (articles about which I’ve published over the past week), that their sites’ traffic will be reduced appreciably.

Without knowing the reason, I’d noticed this occurrence with, starting a week ago, during Thanksgiving weekend. The number of page views on this site plummeted to 20% of what had previously been normal.

The numbers were so weird, I tossed them out as an anomaly but now, with Clif’s explanation, I see that this was a direct result of Google’s assault on the so-called “Alt-Right” and on “Fake News” – neither of which this website is an exponent.

However, the non-mainstream themes and disaffection with mainstream politics expressed on this site decidedly place it in the Alternative Media category, which is linguistically linked with the “Alt-Right”. The latter has been targeted for destruction, with new policies being tabled by Congress, appropriating $160M from the Department of Defense.

Despite these policies not yet having been passed, Google-YouTube, a behemoth of a private corporation, which functions more like vast transnational utility is way ahead of the curve and has recently changed some of its algorithms dealing with the display of search results, in their bid to favor what they deem to be the “trustworthy” bloviations of the Criminal Mainstream Media.

This new war on “Fake News” is, of course a farce. It is censorship, plain and simple. Still, if is to continue publishing, Clif High advises that I must “take steps to watch the words that Google is banning or associating with the Alt-Right such that [I] don’t get swept up by the new digital fascists…”

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  • You are all suggesting, in one manner or another, that you should hide, bend and twist yourselves around the corporate MSM but keep using it? Hiding will do no good and besides, why? Eradication of their market through share loss is the only card the public can play and it will work. How? Use online carriers who state they do not track or censor your communications. Stop using the corporate MSM to carry any info–FB, Google, Twitter, 4chan, etc. There is no other answer.

  • Though I have no inkling how to remedy all this for channel owners, and fall back on the suggestion by Val below which makes good sense, like some league of smart woo-woo channel owners forming an alliance of word smiths altering their tags and back end keywords periodically, I stopped using the goog in ’04 or ’05, can’t remember when they started bragging up their tailoring to my inner most mindset algo’s, but, for me, that ended the entire idea of this potential microscope/telescope into human knowledge available at our fingertips.
    As far as I am able to know, Ixquick, StartPage, DuckDuckGo do not tailor, track nor archive searches and search criteria one engages. Do they attempt to censor ‘alt-right’, ‘woo-woo’ and ‘fake news’? Don’t know, but, in my present jaded state, they probably do…sigh.

  • Perhaps we can go back to using euphemisms, i.e. pizza pedophiles now become cheese wiz;
    UFO’s/ aerial phenomena; ET’s/easy targets; abductions/suctions; Defense department/offense office; Mainstream media/Barbies for barbarism; New Age/nu-aij.
    Nothing a little creativity can’t solve, I mean if political pedophiles can get away with rape and murder under the guise of a few code words we too can sharpen words to cut loopholes 😉

  • I get my weekly digest of “Top Videos For You” from YouTube, which used to contain about ten channels about Fukushima, Geoengineering and Alt. Health etc..
    Recently it has been an average of one such channel and the rest are cute kittens and other nonsense. I wondered if it had to do with this new censorship.
    I wonder no more. 🙁

  • Surely there can be a workaround to this matter. Perhaps a double domain like adding including the word “woo” in your posting title. Grant it, a certain amount of humility may be required of the blogger, but after all, what is the path of enlightenment without the experience of humility?


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