Last April, Google announced changes to its algorithm, aiming to sideline “fake news”, conspiracy theories and other content that it claimed was not “advertiser friendly”. Publishers from the so-called “Alt-Right” immediately cried foul. 90 days later, a study conducted by André Damon of the World Socialist Web showed that the traffic rankings of the top left-leaning anti-war sites in the US were down by as much as 70%.

I can personally vouch for the veracity of these findings, having observed this trend on my own site, which I don’t consider to be either Right or Left, as much as it is anti-war and anti-corruption. Roughly 50% of visitors to arrive here through Google Search results. With the search results for my site now curtailed by Google, visits to the site (i.e., “traffic”) are down. I’ve been voicing my suspicions of this to anyone who will listen so it’s something of a relief to find solid confirmation of this disturbing trend.

As André Damon explains very clearly, “Peoples’ opinions, if they don’t line up with the interests of Google, which is one of the most politically-connected corporations on the planet, having given more in lobbying donations over the recent period than any other corporation; if they don’t line up with the interests of Google, if they don’t line up with the interests of the Government, if they don’t line up with the interests of the military and intelligence establishment, they will be censored. And the vision outlined in that document is entirely consistent with the statistics that we’ve seen.”

It is dangerous enough to democracy, to Net Neutrality and to the First Amendment when a monopolistic behemoth that’s a defacto branch of the Deep State/intelligence apparatus, like Google is suppressing bonafide search results. It’s even scarier that this leviathan should be allowed to remain in one gargantuan piece.

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  • This is not new. Google has from the beginning been a censorship engine. There are topics that are just plain not allowed for discussion.

  • Okay, my last comment that links to documentation on Sockpuppets influencing and altering SEARCH RESULTS AND RATINGS.
    Note that Sockpuppets make big money and often used by “large corporations” { like probably Monsanto and others. Though I suspect that Monsanto also owns it’s own “Sockpuppets’ aka “Online Persona Management” }.
    A partial copy / paste follows with multiple vetted links at the posting:>

    How SockPuppets “Rig” Elections, Polls, Censor And Or Promote The News & Search Results {1}. How this could “rig” the 2016 Presidential Election in the USA {2}. How this was done in the Philippines 2016 Presidential Election {3}. As well as a couple of other countries {7}. And instances of this being done in our 2016 Presidential Election, in the USA {2, 4, 5}.

    The journalists in the Philippines that have been exposing their rigged election have been getting “death threats”, too. Of which is also discussed in their series of articles {3}.
    Posted October 17, 2017 at:>

  • And then there is “The Devils Advocate”, too. That is IF you want to consider “other perspectives”. With that said;
    Google launched a project called “Project Shield” (technically run under the Alphabet subsidiary Jigsaw), whose aim is to protect journalists who come under attack from DDoS hacks. – In reference: with multiple vetted links:> { Posted in my Google+ Collection titled “Espionage Against Activists Journalists Lawyers” on July 12, 2017 }>

    • Argh! So the internet is as problematic as all other forms of MSM? But this form is a two way flow! Surely it can’t just be about controlling what we see. Its also about studying us.

      • You are correct, Deb. It is and they are.

        Partly, it’s a milk toast junk collection of buying behavior so the corporations can sell you or use you. Partly, it’s to feed the social engineering component of humanity as the Deep State applies or removes psy-ops. You-know, what will happen if? After reading the findings of Level 9 News I am led to think that the voluminous amounts of data, too much for current technology to handle, is finding it’s way to at least one, maybe more, quantum computers where a we each have a profile. The profile has a predictive behavior module. That’s one of the reasons the ‘Minority Report’ is brought up so much when data collection is discussed.

    • I read the article and sent it to a few people right after you posted it here. Now, it’s gone viral. Good job!

  • I looked up Katherine Albrecht as she’s done research into ethical search engines. Non of her web pages are launching, just error messages.

  • The correct response, IMHO, is to simply saying “NO” to Google. It is real, real easy. Just stop using them.

  • It might have something to do with presenting gossip and rumor as “Truths Important People don’t want you to know”, instead of, you know, gossip and rumor. You might have kept your Google ratings if you had been more forthright about the sort of content in here.

    Just because you might actually believe the gossip and rumors yourself, you have no right to attempt to impose your beliefs to other people as verified truths. I’m sure you’d be pretty unhappy about a devout Muslim claiming that the Koran is literally true in every respect getting the same ratings as scientific literature.

    And by the way, I’m sick to the stomach of the persistence of the rumor that a well-known scientific theory discovered in the 18th and 19th century is somehow a modern invention to be used as a political football. I’m talking about the greenhouse effect. But hey, if you think there are no consequences to trolling and pissing off scientists and techies, think again. One day you may need one, and find they aren’t there for you.

    • What I’m trying to do is gain some expertise myself in my chosen field. But I aim to be as fully informed as possible and the MSM just isn’t a full meal, it just isn’t. FKTV is an excellent example of what the alt media has become, a critical debate about difficult issues. You may find your belief system gets challenged but that’s part of the debate. Then it’s up to you to make an informed argument and present people with food for thought. Here no one is told to shut up and leave.

    • Geezus Maria, what time of the month is it? Alexandra imposes nothing, and your comments are way off-base. While you may be right that some content presented is ‘rumor’, you know what they say in Hollywood? “All rumors are true.” And in my experience, that is the case more often than not. You must still be addicted to MSM porn like CNN or FOX. Those businesses are evil, because they lie, and ALL liars are bad, always (even when I do it, which I try not to).

      Consider re-adjusting your perspective Maria to one that’s a little more skeptical, a little less dogmatic (I don’t care HOW many Muslims say ANYTHING – that is a BAD religion – or maybe the Arab culture is bad, I don’t know, but their misogynistic and anti-education social agenda is DISGUSTING, and I’m calling for a FATWA on ISLAM – let’s get this holy war started! BTW, I’ve read the Koran, and it’s as effed-up as the Bible is, so I know it’s man-made.

      Or, we can all live and let live (but we still have to remove the behaviors that lead to this stupidity, and invest in proper education). Beliefs are for children, and your actions define you in this place. How will YOU act? I seek only TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE; when I’m wrong, I admit it. But about religion, I an NOT wrong; if I was, GOD would have asked me to do something else.

    • WTF, Maria? Verify your information because your comment is not accurate. If you’d like to join the debate come a little more toward the middle so you can hear others. No one here is imposing their beliefs on you or anyone as “verified truths”, unlike the mainstream media. This is a site for adult debate of opinions on any subject and all information that is presented.

  • I’ve had SO many problems connecting to FKTV and my Unseen email out of Iceland. Sometimes I can’t connect at all. Further, the sites that are considered alt-news or alt-anything load slowly or not at all. Recently, I’ve begun to receive 404 messages from perfectly good sites. The first time it’s a 404 Error the second time the site is fine. It’s not the sites. It’s obstruction. There is no doubt that Google via the Deep State apparatus is slow-tracking websites that do not line-up with their buddies’ narrative in the MSM, et al.

    Remember the monopoly laws that were so vehemently enforced in early decades in the USA? Ma Bell was broken up because of them. Where are those laws now when it’s clear Google is exercising control over what the public can and cannot view.

    Bottom line: It means that if Google won’t connect people WE have to do it. Send anyone and everyone links to alt-news sites. When an opening occurs for us we must talk about alt sites to others. It’s the only way to get around Google, BE the server and connect others.

  • That’s interesting, I read somewhere that the current regime feels it doesn’t have to censor because its controlled how people think. Websites likes FBTV are clearly properly informing people so they have to weigh in and censor them.


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