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  • Its amazing watching the firemen taking control and placing her in an ambulance ?
    the same tech that affected Dianas car is vastly superior now….Now chase cars needed for the electronic highjack equipment. Thesedays the general mobile phone/data network makes it easy.
    I ve said it before about the fake wombat pox virus thing……….most are unwilling to stop using their mobiles and internet……..depite the fact that the telecomms network is THE main entry point for totalitarian control…… plan …….I saw a clutch of Elons satelites beimng released last night . Its very obvious with the radio frequency tech used in the fake pox jab that we have nt seen anything yet. Once Elons sattelites are mostly up there then the thing will be turned on…….IMHO….selective activation of the many technologies in the jab.
    The attempt to blutooth the world and give everyone a digital control i.d. has failed. The tech was rushed in but undeveloped out of the human testing lab….hence repeated boosters……….
    Every major hospital in the UK has a vaccine damage clinic for the wombat pox jab. If this had occured after a new MMR childhood vacination program there would be outrage. But the UK national health services vastly facillitates the fraud.
    Pzifer have relocated from Sandwich to Oxford and other outlier factories.
    Intense bursts of 19 GHZ energy is enough to cook off and activate carbon enclosed nanotubes…….facilitating poxes to order.


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