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The overall argument against GMO foods is that their long term effects on the humans who consume them have not been properly studied prior to their release on the market.

Due to bribery and/or blackmail from the deep-pocketed industries who produce GMOs, members of the US Congress have voted NOT to enforce the overwhelming will of their constituents, for transparency in the labeling of food. Such labeling would to distinguish natural foods from those which have been genetically-modified, by having the genetics of animals, bacteria and from other plants from unrelated families spliced into their native genes. Representative Rand Paul (R-KY) was among those who voted NOT to enforce the labeling of GMO foods.

There is currently another Senate bill S. 2609, which would actually block producers from labeling whether or not their foods contain GMOs.

In the meantime, while it is still legal to do so, some producers have taken matters into their own hands, by placing QR codes on their packaging. QR codes can be scanned by consumers who own smartphones. An app can use the phone’s camera and direct the phone’s Internet browser to webpages disclosing the products’ ingredients. This rigamarole makes food shopping more hectic than most people would prefer, to say nothing of increased mobile phone bills.

88% of Americans want this information to be labeled on their produce and prepared foods, rather than only displaying QR codes.

Meanwhile, several European countries have banned the production and sale of genetically-modified foods, citing studies, which indicate health risks associated with consuming foods with genetically built-in pesticides, for example. These are the Bt crops, which include strains of corn, potato, rice and cotton (cottonseed oil is used extensively in food-processing). Monsanto is currently pushing to engineer Bt wheat, as well, after giving up in the 1990s, due to the resistance of farmers concerned about consumer reaction.

Bt crops have had the genes of the Bacterium thuringiensis¬†spliced into their native genetic codes. Bt serves as a built-in pesticide, by causing the guts of infesting insects to explode. There have been studies indicating that such GMO’d vegetables can harm the human digestive tract, as well.

This clip was produced by, a political action group dedicated to food transparency.

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  • It’s become a reality that we must grow our own food or find very local organic farmers to support who will provide untainted items. I began doing so in earnest a while back. It requires lifestyle changes–very manageable. Recently, I began growing hydroponic greens/herbs in my dining room with only one LED grow light and some good window light. Also, attended an aquaponics class given by Denver-based Colorado Aquaponics. I recommend them very highly. They are fabulous boots-on-the-ground people who tell the truth; it’s not internet/Youtube/profit BS about easy aquaponic growing.

    As an aside: Many of you may know that Bt cotton was introduced to India by the corrupt corporate seed companies with the promise that it would solve their bug problems and bring in big cash crops. It was ALL a marketing LIE. The farmers bought it hoping to solve their problems. Their crops are still being eaten up by bugs even with Bt infused seeds. Now, these same companies want us to eat it? Why? It’s a failure. The Indian farmer-men are committing suicide and leaving their families in worse poverty than before the crop failures. The survivors have land loans and the banks are pounding at the door to collect–checkmate! The corporate for-profit world is simply not working because, as one person said here, our government has been “bought”.

    You can do something about it. GO LOCAL. You must contribute to your neighborhood organic farmers’ success, however. This is not a one-way street. The only way to stop the corruption is to STOP BUYING the food that is not organic and non-GMO. If you don’t know whether it’s non-GMO, just don’t buy it! Change your habits. Eat something else. You’re all smart enough to be here and to know what is really going on so, as one commenter noted herein:
    BE the smart people. We need you.

  • This is what we get for having a government that is FOR SALE to the Corp with the best bid. And then after the sale they don’t even think about Children, not even their own. What the F*ck it’s an almighty buck.

  • Akasha – Don’t worry at all about uninformed people, they are the real time real life white mice/human subjects needed to show the rest of us aware people the true path. We actually need stupid people to serve a purpose so we can survive as a species. They will return and eventually learn … it is their destiny

  • It is a “crime against humanity” that our governments are allowing these corporations to poison us. What the F___. This is high treason against the people. We have to stop this and DEMAND out governments protect us and do their job.

  • Well, it must be recognized that over 90% of corn, soy, and canola are GMO. Adding to this sorry state, many,many crops (wheat, barley, beans, …) are finished with glyphosate to speed harvest.

    This leaves the consumer, currently, with only two choices. Grow you own food and/or eat organic food. Eating out is problematical. One must cook one’s own food. Visit only the outer isles of the super market, choose wisely, buy local. It’s a new world. The almighty bottom line has supplanted common sense. Image what it will be like when everything you eat is patented. OPEC for food on the horizon. Is this the final prize?

  • They have systematically been throng to stop the truth of natural foods benefits since 1960’s Agra Business intro by Sec Of Ag Earl Butz.
    Keep fighting the good fight

  • This is my problem with labeling. NO ONE should be ingesting GMOs at all. They are a health hazard for all incarnated beings. I want to begin the process of eliminating GMOs. If we /when they become labeled lots of people that aren’t so aware that their markets are full of disease-creating food will buy them. And their kids will eat them. Labeling? So that people can choose? No one who is informed would CHOOSE GMOs. But what about all the people who aren’t informed. And their kids?

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