Glenn Greenwald joins Tucker Carlson to respond to Elon Musks’s tweetstorm via journalist, Mike Taibbi, in which he released the comms of Twitter executives, as they censored the facts about Hunter Biden’s laptop and how they knowingly violated the law and sought ways to evade admitting to this.

In my opinion, these criminal, state actor-level violations of Americans’ Constitutional rights cannot go unpunished.

Glenn says, “I still find it mind-boggling how it used to be controversial that the CIA would have programs to clandestinely influence news outlets.

“And now, these news outlets – CNN, NBC and the rest – hire hoards of former agents of the Security State, people who ran the CIA and the FBI and the NSA come on and pronounce the news! They’re in bed together!

“Big Tech censorship is a critical tool of the National Security State. Whenever anybody tries to do anything about it, these former people from the CIA and the Pentagon and the rest, jump up and say, ‘We cannot allow you to restore Free Speech!’

“This form of censorship is a crucial weapon, and so they’re completely intertwined and integrated and we’re seeing that in the role that Jim Baker – the former US Security State lawyer – who became a Twitter lawyer and played in this censorship – right before the election.”

“It’s not legal!” Tucker exclaims. “The intel agencies, the Pentagon are not allowed to influence domestic policy. That is illegal and I don’t know why nobody says anything about it – you certainly have, for a couple of decades now and I certainly appreciate it. Glenn Greenwald. Great to see you.”

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  • This is comedy all around….

    “It’s not legal!” Tucker exclaims. “The intel agencies, the Pentagon are not allowed to influence domestic policy. That is illegal and I don’t know why nobody says anything about it…”

    Tucker sounding like a shocked kindergartner. LOL.

    Do they have rocks that Tucker can take years long naps under at Fox??

    It IS legal if I’ve understood the implications of Obama’s Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.

    Church Committee.
    Operation Mockingbird.

    ….Tucker could benefit from dropping
    “Smith-Mundt” into FKTV’s Search.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it”
    — Upton Sinclair

    • If a politician is willing to admit what Obama is quoted saying below, how big a jump is it to bribing/strong-arming social media to steer/censor/delete news items and debate in the “public square”?

      “You just have to flood a Country’s Public Square with enough raw sewage…you just have to raise enough questions…spread enough dirt…plant enough Conspiracy Theorizing…that Citizens no longer know…what to believe…” -Barack Obama

      Sounds like a swamp to me.

  • Greenwald’s memory appears to be truncated.

    Censorship or “mind control” is traceable to the FDR regime who employed the methodology of Edward Bernays, who was the grandson or nephew of Sigmund Freud, I forget which. Either way getting into people’s heads and fine tuning their thoughts ambitions ran in that family. FDR used Bernays techniques to first get elected and then to manipulate national policy.

    Name calling was one such technique used effectively by the corporate media to demonize FDR’s political opponents and lionize his allies. This went even further as FDR’s loyalists got deeply embedded in government, especially the SCOTUS & the State Department. I haven’t seen evidence that FDR was a communist or a communist sympathizer, but Eleanor his “Progressive” wife surely smelled like one. Hillary publicly affirmed her affection for Eleanor and it was Hillary acting as Secretary of State who set up the CCP to receive the gift of American jobs, but MSM sold it as China’s agreeing to a one child only policy. It was a half truth.

    Of course, FDR was gone by the time his loyalist Secretary of State Dean Atchesen presided over the rise of Mao to power. Churchill was disgusted by FDR’s apparent blind affection for “Uncle Joe” Stalin. Meanwhile MSM maintained silence on the real history of the so called Russian revolution in which a segment of Americans were involved that I am not identifying because people don’t handle the truth very well. Marxism was foreign to the Russian culture. It was imposed upon Russians by outsiders, some of whom were Americans!

    The failure of the Americans to rightly understand WWII and its components is a direct benefit of Bernaysian news manipulation which included censorship. One such component was WWI which was the stupidest war in history. It made no sense for Americans to become involved, but thanks be to the central banking cabal’s stooge POTUS Wilson, he got us directly involved to start America down the road to perdition and ruin. But this road was and is a long road leading first to dominion, after which Babylon on the Hudson will be humbled.

    I am just scratching the surface here. There is so much more beneath the surface that I am not including. To give Greenwald his due though, he is right about the most recent eruption of mass mind control.


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