German farmers in 2019 protesting repressive government policies has been widely miscaptioned as Germans in 2021 protesting the vaccine passports blocking entry points to and from Berlin with tractors and larger farming equipment, according to fact-checkers at Reuters.

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  • Search for Slovakia’s covid statistics. On January 27 2021 Slovakia Health Ministry approved the therapeutic use of Ivermectin. This was a temporary approval of 6 months. On July 27 2021 temporary authorization for use of Ivermectin expired in the country. With the use of IVM, new cases zeroed. After the authorization expired new cases skyrocketed to a level that has never been seen before in the country and countinues to do so. There are cures to this flu like symptoms. Get your ivermectin before it is too late

  • Along with other protests across the world nothing is reported on the English news (not that i watch any nor listen to the bullshite being thrown out by our Government) but my husband watches his regular news slot at 6pm lunchtime bs and late night so i over hear the shite or lack of actual news!!! Just like the ‘law’ when they have arrested suspects they separate and isolate to prevent them from sharing information, albeit in the suspects case, to prevent them from sharing lies. We are prevented for sharing the TRUTH! Just like this great and aptly named channel, FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE! thank your Alexandra Bruce you are one of the beautiful honest people. (well, we’re allowed a few little harmless porkies!)😁🌻🌼🌷

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