Randall Winters gives a talk and slide show with pictures of what he claims to be a Brazilian UFO base populated by German intelligence agents, who pretend to be extraterrestrials when encountered by civilians.

The photos show “beamships” that are parked on metallic landing pads, which function both to charge the ships and to prevent them from being sapped of their stored electromagnetic energy, due to prolonged contact with the ground.

According to Winters, the German “Haunebu” and other “saucer” technologies found a home in Brazil – not just in Los Alamos, NM. This technology is said to have nothing whatsoever to do with “back-engineered,” “Alien” technology; just good ol’ German engineering, is what we’re told…

I cannot confirm the veracity of the “facts” of this presentation but Winter’s tale is part of a pervasive body of urban legends that circulate within a vast community of UFO enthusiasts, worldwide.

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