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Gerald Celente predicts that the $220 trillion global debt bubble caused by years of Quantitative Easing is coming home to roost in 2016. The immense bank fraud which has been falsely propping up the equity markets is going to crash all major currencies.

The numbers are unprecedented. He sees not just an economic calamity but a geopolitical crisis that looks like a replay of the same cycle seen after 1929: A Great Depression followed by currency crisis and war. The US, UK, Israel, Russia France – and now, Germany are flying over Syria – creating a World War with modern weapons of mass destruction, that could totally be avoided. It’s all about hiding the dreadful economy within the fog of war.

Commodities are the canary on the coalmine. Resource-rich nations’ markets are crashing. Oil tankers languish outside of Galveston, Texas, due to lack of demand.

On the other hand, US demand for physical gold is up 207% from last year, global demand rose nearly 10% – and it’s not just people buying it, but Central Banks, with a record high levels – with prices being manipulated by large market shorts. Six banks have been convicted for rigging the markets.

Celente predicts that ether a real or faked terrorist attack will be used as an excuse to rob people out of their money.

(As for me, I have vacated my bank account….)

Alexandra Bruce

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  • All interest owed should be automatically erased so there is no interest owed. That alone would get rid of the best part of the huge debt.

  • If you believe your government, if you believe the media, if you believe your money in a bank is your money, if you believe another man can order you to do anything unless you stole from him, hit him, lied to him or broke your word in a contract to him then ….you are deceived.
    The Government (doesn’t matter what country) is always, ALWAYS ….a criminal conspiracty to enslave its own people. Slavery is abolished everywhere yet it is present in every police state. Slavery is one man enforcing his will on another man (the slave) with violence if necessary and the violent act going unpunished.

  • BHAVI–in this scenario no one laid out here there will be no protection as promised. I’d make financial moves accordingly. Although I’d not count on it, let’s hope it’s not as bad as predicted. After all, it is a prediction.

  • “We find that a NATO country is helping them…” A NATO country? Please. ISIS is a CIA created animal assisted by those who are in on the scenario, Turkey being one. It’s the USA, not an unnamed “NATO country”.

  • I checked with my credit union, and they guarantee my money is protected in the not so huge amount that I have in there. Is anyone else banking in credit unions? Have you inquired about protecting your assets there? Just curious…

  • I hate to say on Christmas Day, but while Alexandra’s away – the bankstas ARE at play…
    It’s best to get some of this new global GOLDmoney DURING these Holidays while you’re not back in the grind… this is what Alexandra BRUCE herself uses:


    There is currently good reason to suspect great upheaval in the value of your money coming MOST LIKELY in January, or February or March.

  • An eye opener and informative report. I hope we could remember the help these dedicated souls and remember their advice. I am a didactic listener and try to adhere to their wisdom. Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts with us.

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