It’s NOT a vaccine!

Karen Kingston joins the show to call for accountability from the vaccine manufacturers!

What was marketed as a life-saving injection, is actually a nanotech kill shot, used for genocide!

It’s time for tribunals, it’s time for justice!

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  • Nobody is going to listen to Kingston, a NON-scientist!!! One needs a MILITARY expert who will wake up everyone…..

    • Similarly, I started suspecting him since last year as I saw much hype about him on social media
      It seemed as the hype was spread in order to quiet down other opinions EVEN THOUGH they made more sense than his mRNA flip-flop bullshits.
      Now, according to Stew’s web, Robert Malone is calling Died Suddenly “a whole lot of fiction”
      This guy reminds me of Rand Paul.
      Shame on those actors!

    • Most of my 70 years I’ve rode on the “Outlaw” side of the tracks so my instincts very seldom fail me, so I’ve known that the good Doctor Robert Malone was a “Sleeper Agent” for Big Pharma all along. He reveals just enough of the truth to get you to trust him, but never the whole truth and nothing that you couldn’t learn for yourself with a little research.
      I’m not afraid of much of anything on the face of this Earth, but from the very beginning I was inexplicitly afraid of their “Vaccine” for a nominal disease that I do not feel even exists. I know for a fact that there are worse things than Death, and this “Vaccine” is one of them.

    • That’s still better than 99 out of 100 still wearing slave diaper here.
      It’s almost a miracle that I still can get away without wearing it.

    • 9/10 sounds about right where I’m at too. I think Trump messed up pushing the vaccines, but in his defense I dont think he had a clue what was in them and still doesnt. Trump’s biggest issue was trusting all the wrong people. He hired the swam to drain the swamp and was oblivious to it. His own inside people took him down. If he becomes president again, I hope he learned something.


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