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    The Fukushima catastrophe is not getting better; it’s getting worse. More radio-nuclides are leaking into the Pacific today than were, over two years ago, in the wake of the explosion and triple meltdown, which began then and continues to this day.

    I’m very sorry for all of you folks on the West Coast of North America. This is a big part of why I left the area.

    I am passionate about the ocean, swimming in it and eating fresh, locally-caught (sometimes by me) seafood.

    With the 20-odd existing plants in the US of the same basic design, vintage and equipment – plus, the 130-odd additional existing plants in the US, not to mention
    hundreds of other nuke plants operating throughout the world, one can’t help
    wondering if the ultimate goal of the financiers and promoters of these hideous contraptions might not be full-scale genocide?

    The current wars and rumors of wars actually pale in comparison to the final outcome of the existence of nuke plants – and the complete lack of a solution for managing the constantly-accruing piles of spent nuclear fuel – a substance which is MUCH MORE radioactive and hazardous to life than even the unspent fuel.

    If you’re not already an anti-nuke activist, you might want to start to consider becoming one. Now.

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