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I have been avoiding this story because I’m sick to death of False Flags, unless they can illuminate something for us – and lo, in this clip, French President Hollande essentially blames the “Illuminati” for the Parisian terrorist episode dominating the headlines for the past several days.

P.S. It seems that I generated a bit of a snafu, with the newsletter associated with this webpage, featuring the video by Russia Today, which highlights French President Hollande’s use of the word “illumine’,” in his condemnation of the widely-publicized terrorist attacks in Paris, which is said to have killed 17 people causing 3 million people to march in the streets of France in solidarity, including many French citizens who are Muslim.

I have been bombarded by emails from native French speakers about my poor knowledge of the French language. While I did spend a year studying at the Sorbonne, writing 100-page papers in French – like all languages, they constantly evolve and new
spins are put on the significance of certain words.

I was unaware that the word “illumine’,” as currently used in France, most commonly means “crazy.” It’s a sort of cynical twist
on its many other, older meanings, including “visionary,” “enthusiastic,” “passionate,” and “enlightened,” especially in the sense
intended during of the Age of Enlightenment, a.k.a. the Age of Reason of the 17th and 18th centuries, during which time France was the greatest world power and Paris was a major capital of said Illuminism.

I was sent this letter, which I’ve translated by a kind reader in France:

“I know that the dictionary gives several definitions of the word ‘illuminé’ (‘enlightened’) but in common parlance today, this word is often used in French to mean ‘crazy.’

“The equation made between ‘illuminated’ and ‘illuminati’ by Russia Today and by you is a misinterpretation that should be corrected.

“What happened in Paris is horrific but I am constantly in search of the truth. And although I suspect that there could be a manipulation behind these events, which may actually represent the ‘Illuminati’ in action and I although completely support F. Hollande as President, I also agree that he should have been more careful in his choice of word. However, the more common usage of the word ‘illuminé,’ in France today is ‘crazy,’ so he cannot really be blamed.

“Thank you for your always interesting publications and wishing you a wonderful 2015.”

This reader, like myself, is interested only in the truth and not in spreading lies and confusion.

Therefore, I stand by the questioning of Hollande’s choice of word, “illuminé,” especially considering that he is affiliated with the French Grande Orient Freemason Lodge, the ultimate proponent of Illuminism during the Age of Enlightenment in 18th century Paris (the same Illuminism, which was also crucial in the founding documents of the United States, written by men, all or most of whom were Freemasons, as well). Monsieur le Président is therefore highly-acquainted with the full range of meaning contained in the word, “illuminé.”

Alexandra Bruce

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