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    It’s the dog days of summer over here and it’s beautiful outside so I’m going to the beach. It’s very hot and sweaty in my shack. It’s too hot to think. There comes a time when you just want to enjoy the simple things and the gift of life.

    I have an electric bike that’s like the land version of the very fun-looking electric surfboards in this video. (The eBike means I don’t need an expensive beach permit).

    The eFoils shown here are built in Puerto Rico, where this video was filmed. Wherever you are, I hope you get to spend some quality time outdoors with Mother Earth, away from your digital devices.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • What kind of electric mechanical device is underneath these surfboards that’s propelling them? It’s never shown.

      Alexandra, get an air conditioner! If that’s too expensive,then a good air cooler(under $100) and how about some old fashioned fans?! That’s what I use until I can afford something better.

    • I’m holding out for the Merkaba. Has it been invented yet?

      This device, once invented, (other than in my mind) will enable energy-free ravel or time travel.

      It is basically an inverted spherical pyramid on the bottom and then a rightside up pyramid on the top. The traveler sits in the middle chamber.

      It is 8 dimensional due to the fact that it forms a 3-d star shaped object. A Tetrahedron…

      The top half spins clockwise while the bottom spins counterclockwise.

      Keep in mind that this is no isse for the traveler who knows not space and time.

      Right now, the future Tesla-like invention knows only meditative minds. Not so in the future, where they already exist.

      Activation, and thereby travel, requires only an uncluttered mind of free will. For that reason, humans that seek to control others will not be able to access this forthcoming technology.

      I’m about ready for takeoff. Given that space and time are meaningless, you may hop on board if.whenever you wish.

      Margaritas are in the rear. Mine is a do-it-yourself model, since they aren’t real yet… 😉

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