This video may definitively prove how what has been described as an ‘amateur video shot by a California tourist’ for the past 12 years was actually created by someone with some skills in digital animation.

Other attempts I’ve seen to make this argument have been the result of low resolution cameras and the bizarre video artifacts that result from slowing down poor-quality video, frame-by-frame.

Such is not the case of the footage shown here, which was shot at an extremely high frame rate, yielding a relatively high resolution picture of the scene.

Prior to impacting the tower, the plane’s left wing is briefly obscured by a building – a half block to the East of the plane’s trajectory – NOT in the foreground, as would be optically necessary.

By matting-out the wing as it passed IN FRONT of the building, he did extra work that was not only unnecessary, it completely blew the effect.

Now, the question remains as to whether this evidence of video tampering was deliberately fudged by this animator at the time of the events, in order to eventually be discovered or whether this was made last week, as yet another Internet hoax….

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