Field McConnell is a career military and airline pilot with connections to the aircraft-related events of 9/11. His Air National Guard unit had F-16s over Washington DC on the morning of 9/11. Captain Charles ‘Chic’ Burlingame of American Airlines Flight 77 was his college classmate. The software used on the drones which were flown into the Twin Towers, Boeing Uninterruptable Auto-Pilot (BUAP) is his intellectual property.

McConnell claims it was this BUAP technology that was misappropriated by his sister, Kristine Marcy, and Hillary Clinton on that day, when the Establishment patsied Muslims to facilitate their ‘New American Century’.

In December 2006, McConnell came forward about the ‘Boeing Uninterruptible Auto-pilot’ software and its role in 9/11, causing the FAA, US Department of Justice and the Airline Pilots Association attempt to silence him.

McConnell then retired from Northwest Airlines and has since gone on to consult entities in Russia, Malaysia and Germany on how airliners can be taken down using illegal software modifications.

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  • Clinton Foundation CIA Covert Corruption – Real Investigation:
    By popular demand, JASON GOODMAN of “Crowd Source the Truth” has created a YouTube supplement of the “Lord of the Crime Rings”, Sunday with CHARLES ORTEL interviewing CIA whistle blower, Harmon Wilfred:

    The information below is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more behind the scenes (not able to be said in public in the interest of national security) that President Trump would be VERY interested in. Certainly enough to expose the Clintons once and for all. Please take this very seriously!
    My husband, Harmon Wilfred, a former CIA financial contractor (asset) during the Clinton administration, blew the whistle to the US Justice Department in the year 2000 to no avail on the Clinton’s involvement with the CIA in the illegal laundering of BILLIONS of dollars. Harmon perseveres in his effort to make his extensive evidence available to the US Justice Department, while we continue to be maltreated by the New Zealand government in collusion with the Clintons and their foundation. Harmon is currently stateless, exiled in New Zealand, and forcibly separated from me, his wife of 20 years, by New Zealand Immigration for 2 years 5 months…and counting. Please see links below:
    The CIA/Clinton Covert Money Laundering Connection:
    For more information access his documentary website at
    Please contact Harmon at [email protected] to follow the REAL MONEY behind the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and all their evil deeds!
    He can be directly reached in NZ on our Toronto freephone # 416 342-6061

  • Has anyone read his book? If yes, does it have any useful information you can believe or does he ramble on aimlessly?

  • More evidence showing the criminal Federal Gov’t. PEOPLE! We need to overthrow this failed gov’t…

    I’m with Field, and although he’s not a great speaker, I’d like to learn more about his evidence.

  • without a doubt the most incoherent presentation I have come across. Which doesn’t mean he isn’t dealing out valuable information, but his linear presentation skills are severely damaged. What a pity he cannot make an outline and stick to it. Someone else will have to untangle the ball of spaghetti he has flung out. It may well be that a greater Mind which he calls God uses him as instrument but alas such a great Mind cannot funnel down through a man like this without it coming out like it ran through a document shredder.

      • Approach you’re talking about is not fitting is awake because this guy’s cookie it comes off as disinformation because he’s so Obtuse and verbose. Done

  • Too bad Mr. McConnell didn’t use notes. He could not stick to one subject long enough to make sense of anything. I wanted to hear about BUAP as it related to 911. I wanted to hear what Hillary Clinton did. I didn’t learn anything and only grew exhausted trying to piece together the information he promised to relate to viewers.

  • Seems it’s been pretty well proven that no airplanes hit any thing…I’m sniffin’ the alphabets.

    • I think he’s suggesting that these were drones and they were not the flights reported to be hijacked. Since the airframes of normal commercial airliners are very light and would have crumbled on impact, these drones would have had to have been considerably reinforced, in order to achieve the Wile E. Coyote-style effect of even the wing slicing through the reinforced steel of the WTC “like a hot knife through butter”, as it is often described. If these were normal Boeings, the fuselages would have been crushed, the wings would have fallen off and these messes would have slid down the sides of the buildings to the ground.

      • Why would unreliable drones be used for a standard demolition project? Would it not be more logical to rig the building as per usual, ensure the buildings were empty and then surround the buildings with military grade smoke screens and bring the buildings down. Meanwhile have the media run a co-ordinated scenario on TV using pre-recorded material and start spreading the theory that it was terrorist attack. Win Win allround: NY Port Authority gets rid of the asbestos contaminated WTC complex: The money guys get compensation and license to rebuild. The Neo-cons get to restrict our civil rights even more and they get a profiable war in Irak for good measure. Perhaps the truth of 9/11 is only accessible to those who wish to know the truth.

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