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After writing non-stop for over a year about the dangers and the horrors of the genocidal COVID “vaccine”, to now actually hear a Federal nurse from the US Department of Health and Human Services confirming much of it and to see her raw emotions…it had an overwhelming impact on me that I did not expect.

Overwhelming, heart-breaking Evil.

It’s the shock of the real – and it’s a small glimpse of things to come.

This video, the first of a series of five to be released over the next several weeks was filmed secretly at a Federal hospital and it will be a game-changer in this information war, as the millions of people who see it respond.

Make sure everybody you know has a chance to do so.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • They deliberately used a overdose limit on the trials of HDQ and Ivermectin to sully the test results to make the vaccine more palletteable (sorry can’t spell that last word).

  • This sends chills down my spine !! AMEN and double AMEN for nurse O’Malley coming out AGAINST this evil!!
    God bless her!.. and may the blood of Jesus protect her from any harm and evil intentions coming her way!!!!

  • Extremely important but even way more imrortant is to clarify to ALL of the health care/MD workers that ALL covid injection materials are NOT VACCINES!!! It is a 100% synthetic, genetic modified FOREIGN viral, bacterial, human, fungal mix, which is CHANGING every single available HUMAN cell which received it (the nanoparticles make sure to distribute it to all cell types) to start producing that NON-HUMAN spike protein, while REPROGRAMMING the human cells to become no more the same human cell AFTER the injection. That is called GENE MODIFICATION TREATMENT, HUMAN GENE THERAPY. To apply it on clueless citizens, without their knowledge about what is really being done to them, is the HIGHEST LEVEL CRIME.

  • I saw my doctor yesterday to get a form filled in. We spoke briefly about the whole covid debacle and he agreed with me on every point. It is all nonsense. Power and control, politicians love it. If most of the trusting idiots who accepted this muck die in the next 3 years, the world structure will fall apart. The backward countries who cannot afford the ‘vaccines’ will have large populations whereas countries like the US will be decimated. The world ends up with a slave class to labour for the elite. But will they want to with all the chaos around them? I cannot see how this ends up well.

  • This nurse is very brave to come forward with her concerns…I too verified my health with 2 neighbour nurses and they agreed with me that I shouldn’t take any jab because of my health condition.
    Thank you for wonderful nurses and drs. Who have come forward.

  • I see that they took my comments off here and everyone elses. They sure don’t want the people to know the real truth about what’s really going on. Well they can try to stop the truth from getting out, but they can’t stop thousands of us to let the truth get out anyway. The vaccines are poisonous.

  • The vaccines are poiso, that’s why they are pushing it so hard to get everyone to take it to kill us off slowly. None questions what’s in the vaccines,ever, its time everyone does. The hospitals have been empty for months. They get paid thousands of dollars for each patient even if the patient is coming for something else and they are being told to put down everyone has covid. The more they lie on the patients record the more money they recieve. They even tell the family members by lying to them they died of covid. They fuge the numbers to make it sound like everyone is has covid when it is not true.. The pharmaceuticals companies makes money off these poison vaccines. I don’t believe myself there is a virus or never was. If there is any aren’t there funerals going on all over the in this country. The funeral homes should be very busy. The media is on this pushing the vaccines, they are all guilty of crimes against humanity and they need to be stop. This has nothing to do with a virus, because there is none. This is about control, money and power. Stop wearing masks, don’t take the vaccines.. We all have been duped and the politicians and doctors have all been on this big scam upon humanity. It’s time to call to call them all Out on there evil schemes. There is no pandemic, never was,

  • Alexandra,

    Evil ? Yes !

    And, yet, the public has
    been conditioned not to
    name the N A M E of
    who is behind all of it.



    The Sackler family is
    responsible for how
    many opioid deaths ?

  • Thank God for this lady and everybody revealing the truth.Clif High was correct on his analysis,the dam is about to break!

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