August 8th 2022 is dark day for America. FBI raids have finally reached the former president of the United States as Donald J Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence was invaded by an army of Feds under the guise of looking for classified documents.

Alex Jones and Roger Stone respond to this signal that the deep state coup against free America has gone into overdrive and what we can do to stop it.

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  • IT’S ALL REICHSTAG FIRE THEATRE KIDS: those MONSTERS and “good guys” are all on the same team. And it’s all been theatre since way before 1776. They are trying to set up Trump to come back as an “acclaimed Emperor”, but I think there are enough people that saw what he DIDN’T do in his previous 4 years tenure that will not stand for even ONE more year of liberty lip service. He surrounded himself with TRULY DEPLORABLE PEOPLE (unlike us faux-deplorables) and then is SHOCKED…SHOCKED I TELL YOU!!! that people are dying from his vaxx and “the election got somehow stolen and then my buddy Mikey Pence wouldn’t help me get my job back…nothing I could do about ANY of it…” DT

  • Let’s Break-Free from
    The DemoRub-Corruption-Trap-Cover-up-Collusion Hypocrisy/Nonsense
    The DemoRub is TOTALLY Corrupt! No-Chance IT can/will Police ITself.
    Trump is Part & Parcel of IT.
    My Gawd, can you not see what VaxxPa Trump did & didn’t do his first 4year go-around.
    What is wrong with Trump Suckers who otherwise pretend they are against The Corruption.

    Judge Jeanine: Trump search warrant was subterfuge to take him down

    Donald Trump’s Flip-Flop on Hillary Clinton Prosecution Outrages Supporters

    Trump: Clinton good people

  • Do you honestly think that Trump doesn’t already have the BEST legal team on the planet? Saying what he should do is ridiculous!
    Trump is so far ahead on this ridiculous “raid” we don’t have a clue
    what Trump is doing.

  • What a despicable act that proves the FBI at the highest levels are corrupt to the core. They are operating like the Nazi SS. I have always had the highest respect for federal agents that I have personally known. I know they also are embarrassed and abhorred by these actions taken by their upper echelon. There needs to be a major overhaul of the upper FBI Administration and those that have breached our trust need to be brought to a swift Justice.

  • more DemoRub-Trap Distraction Racket Drama :

    Biden Has FBI Raid Trump’s House in Desperate Bid to Stop His 2024 Run
    Trump Owned by Bankers – video

    Who Put the Bankers in Charge of the World?

    It’s shaping up to be 2008 all over again with the
    same scoundrels wrecking the global economy and
    promising to launch a ‘new and improved’ financial
    system. But watch out – this one won’t resemble
    anything you’ve ever seen. Rather, it’s likely to
    be the greatest wealth snatch in history.

    Who Is Behind the Economic Collapse?

    America Is Waiting


    • Of course he’s corrupt & isn’t the hero that so many think he is. His mafia real estate connections plus who knows what else are the reasons why he had no intention of prosecuting the Clintons. Just like he claims he’s against islam to pacify his supporters who understand the threat of that religion (its current effect in Europe is no joke but the EU allowed it) but in reality it was just words, as he still does good “business” with the Saudis & and other Arabs.
      This search warrant wil energise and infuriate those who do not understand the subtle psychological techniques and distractions government employs. But it’s dangerous to pretend as if Trump is the only saviour for US. Equally dangerous for his opponents to celebrate, as this does not a damn thing to improve their own pathetic lives

      • Yes, you nailed it!
        Dangerous to think/sell Trump as some savior!
        (especially when he is a manipulative distraction
        – part & parcel of THE PROBLEM!)

        and Yes, This current ‘psychological technique’
        is more of the same manipulative techniques to
        keep Trump suckers sucking on Trump / continuously
        entrapped within The DemoRub / Corruption’s Uniparty.

        … ‘best thing that ever happened’ to Trump

  • I hear that the judge that signed the FBI warrant once worked for Jeffery Epstein. Then think back to who cleaned up Epstein Island, that was the FBI. Then think of Pedo Peter in the Oval Office prop. Does it all seem to fall together?

  • Whether one one likes and agrees with Trump, Jones, and Stone or not, the Commiecrats have exposed themselves for what they really are, power mad totalitarians, hell bent on “fundamentally changing America” as the real “big guy” behind the curtain promised over a decade ago.

    These monsters have been telling us what they are doing, where they are taking us, now once again they are demonstrating it.

  • Biden or his puppeteers are going in a Duvalier direction. Just need some more Tonton Macoutes, er, J. Edgar Tranny agents.

  • YIKES!!!

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