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    Presidents Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama all refused access to White House documents, which they retained for their “presidential Libraries”. However, Trump worked closely with the National Archives to catalogue all the documents he retained.

    Since Trump was cooperating fully with the FBI’s bogus investigation into his retention of previously classified presidential records, there would seem to be no reason for the FBI’s raid on his Mar-A-Lago estate last Monday, other than perhaps for them to plant evidence against him, as he suggested.

    Or maybe, as investigative reporter Paul Sperry tweeted about on Monday (causing him to be de-platformed), the FBI spent 9 hours rummaging through Trump’s private office and Melania’s wardrobe, looking for documents related to the Crossfire Hurricane spying scandal and they left with 12 boxes of material.

    Sperry tweeted:

    “DEVELOPING: Investigators reportedly met back in June w Trump & his lawyers in Mar-a-Lago storage rm to survey docs & things seemed copasetic but then FBI raids weeks later. Speculation on Hill FBI had PERSONAL stake & searching for classified docs related to its #Spygate scandal.

    “Funny, don’t remember the FBI raiding Chappaqua or Whitehaven to find the 33,000 potentially classified documents Hillary Clinton deleted. And she was just a former secretary of state, not a former president.”

    Sperry also noted that “CNN is admonishing reporters not to call the FBI raid of Trump’s home a ‘raid,’ but instead to term it as a ‘judge-approved search.'”

    And as this video compilation of coordinated Fake News indicates, the next move in the Deep State’s playbook may be to accuse all of those who are concerned about the FBI’s unjustified raid of being violent “QAnon extremists” who are calling for “civil war”. Or worse, they may stage a new January 6th-type “insurrection” with more fake Trump supporters, to justify more illegal detentions, with the goal of triggering an all-out civil war.

    Whatever comes of this latest distraction, precedent has now been established to conduct similar raids on other former presidents – presidents who actually committed treason.

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    • Very difficult to know who is in on the con! The goal of the con is to ensure the con continues. Is Trump a part of the con? We can safely say the WEF and there minions are. How many fuel the con while being completely unaware it even exists?
      What is controlled opposition?

    • All repeating the same deep state lies…they are so dumb.
      Everyone knows this is total BS by the LameStreamMedia.
      Do you think they could vary the words a bit, it is so obvious.
      Is every bought and paid for news outlet sent the same script for the day. LMAO

    • Previously I would have said that the people who broadcast this and the people who take it seriously and don’t understand it have shit for brains. But I’m now conscious of the fact that shit is much better than these poor misguided souls who are not worth the dna they are printed in.

      The poor sots. It would seem likely that it’s their vaccines which have turned them from dumbasses into totally useless doofuses. At least with a great effort one can help a dumbass to see a few things. Useless doofuses? no. They are useless. Definition of useless.

    • So much to say about this but I don’t want my comment deleted so I talk in code.
      The red pill is supposed to wake ya up to the matrix.
      2023 and 2024 and 2025 , are going to be interesting years to see played out.
      2023 supposedly more food shortages are coming according to alternative websites.
      An old video about 9 years old of a lecture by a Bishop in 1976 or 1974 predicted at the beginning of the video a woman President in 2024 ,
      This FBI raid on Trump is a trap for the trump supporters is my guess.
      Remember: Trump is telling people to get the Covid-19 Vaccine. ,
      Tavis Stock Institute founded the alphabet clubs ,
      2025 , 2+0+2+5=9 = higher learning and sometimes death like the sign Scorpio life and death.
      My guess CBDC , Central Bankers Digital Currency Starts in 2025 ,
      January 6 was a Trap and my guess is those who set it will set more by infiltration, just stay away from traps, walk around them, go on vacation and focus on other things.
      2028= 12
      2029= 13

    • Could it be that what they were looking for was the declassified “binder of materials” relating to the FBI’s long time “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of Trump brought on by Commiecrat accusations that Trump was a Russian collaborator,,,, hmmmm?

      Question is, after 9 hours did they find the binder?

      Which engenders another question, how will we ever know?

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