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    Arthur Gregg Sulzberger (“AG”) is the 37-year-old publisher/scion of The New York Times publishing empire, who inherited the position from his father on January 1st 2018. He is the sixth member of the Ochs-Sulzberger family to serve (the CIA) in that role.

    It has recently emerged that on July 20th, Sulzberger met with Donald Trump at the White House to complain about the latter’s demonization of the press and his railings against “Fake News” and how The New York Times had been forced to hire security guards at their office building. Trump, who faces multiple assassination attempts daily responded with surprise that the Grey Lady didn’t already have security.

    The New York Times security budget is evidently hurting. The paper is surviving on the fumes left over from the 2015 $100 million cash injection from majority owner, Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire whose fortune is whispered to spring from drug money-laundering for the local cartels. Slim owns a reported $370 million stake of the Grey Lady and lately, he’s been selling off his shares.

    It was supposed to be an off-the-record meeting but apparently, Trump tweeted about it a few days later, which caused Sulzberger to write an OpEd. Their accounts about the meeting conflict.

    The details of the fracas are immaterial. Anybody with a sane bone in their body knows that The New York Times, along with CNN, MSNBC, BBC, the UK Guardian and every other MI6/CIA-controlled propaganda outlet has subjected the Trump Administration to relentless, irrational savagery that is completely unprecedented, leading cooler heads to ask, “Where was the outrage against Dubya during the run-up to the Iraq War?” “Why did you lie about 9/11?” “Why haven’t members of the Bush Administration been strung up by their heels yet?”

    Bastards. The MSM is not there to inform you about world events. The weather report is their only “News that’s Fit to Print.” It’s obsolete. Newspapers, cable news networks and other mouthpieces of the War Party are all facing the same challenges that the moribund entertainment industry did over a decade ago, due to the disintermediation of the Internet.

    As we watch the FBI, DOJ and MSM unravel before our eyes, we see how information technology and the Internet have proven to be a double-edged sword for the assholes who intended to use these to control the masses. Eventually, everyone becomes subject to the implacable scrutiny wrought by digitization.

    I am learning to love the panopticon that is spectating their ruin.

    And I love this video of Black Pilled’s tirade against the heir of The New York Times (transcript below).

    Fake Journalists Pretend to be Afraid

    Recently this man, the publisher of The New York Times, AG Sulzberger met with Trump over what he called concerns that he had over Trump’s calling out the fake news media; over the lies that they spread, saying that it made him ‘Fear for his safety.’

    What a wretched, cowardly little man you are, you mouthpiece for billionaires and Deep State operatives: A professional liar that hasn’t worked a day in your life!

    And you fear for your safety? A man who lives in a bubble, away from the effects of the policies you promote around the world, guarded by private security in your ivory tower?

    And you fear for your safety? A man who spends more money by lunchtime than most working fathers make in a week, trying to survive in a world that is so hostile to their politics because of the lies that you tell, so hostile they have to keep their political beliefs secret, so they don’t get fired by one of your overzealous readers?

    But you fear for your safety? A man who supports an ideological slant so extreme, they openly call for violence against their opposition and in some cases, even the extermination of the people that disagree with them.

    But you – you fear for your safety? A man whose colleagues threatened to dox young kids who make political memes, because even with all of your advantages and your elite education, you still can’t win and you –

    You fear for your safety? A man that doesn’t have to worry about being deplatformed or demonetized, even though you know you are spreading lies for personal gain; lies that damage your country and erode our culture?

    You never have to worry about your friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ADL trying to break you financially, or your friends at financial institutions trying to make it impossible for you to do business –

    But you – you fear for your safety? Trump supporters have been assaulted over 500 times because of the lies and hysteria that you promote to whip up low-IQ, violent people into a frenzy –

    But you fear for your safety?

    I want you to know that as I go to sleep tonight, with a revolver on my nightstand, as I do every night, because the people that I expose have made people like me disappear, that I’ll sleep with a smile on my face because –

    You fear for your safety.

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    • What I find amazing is that people are so quick to call other people Nazi’s but are willing to put greater Nazi’s in their place as leaders to follow.

      I try to find out as much as I can about any leader and pray the smallest Nazi if possible a non Nazi gets the reigns.

    • Canada here!….we are subjected to the same FAKE NEWS that not only the USA is having to endure but lets’ face it…..the entire world.
      People are going to have to be on top of the corrupt news makers…..listen, research, be aware of the happenings not only in ones’ community but province, state, financial and importantly POLITICAL arena…’s complete world.
      This is not a game….this is fierce and ugly stuff!!
      How did we get here… not doing any of the above.
      It is now beyond denying any longer…..the truth is now in control.

    • I’ll take the NY Times over anything the madman with orange hair in the White House says. His whole “fake news” rants are to prepare his cult-like followers for all the evidence of his own wrong doing that’s going to come down in the near future.

      Did you hear that whopper Trump told the other night at the Tampa “Hitler/Mussolini” style rally? The one where he stated that you can’t buy groceries without a photo ID! In fact, he went on to say “you can’t buy anything without a Photo ID”

      And, no, he didn’t mean to buy “beer and wine,” as Sarah “Huckleberry” tried to excuse it as meaning.

      And, thqt was just the beginning of the lies and distortions Trump spewed forth at the rally.

      • Michael,

        All due respect, you seem to know very little about a basic Trump follower. How many do you actually know?

        Most that I’ve met don’t even come close to the hyperbole you just posted, rather, they are generally hopeful the he (that anyone) could bring back jobs, turn around the economy, secure our borders and the rule of law.

        He seems to have done that to the great satisfaction of many.

        Even so, it doesn’t mean that most are happy with the crap that he tweets, his treatment of women or blue-collar workers who formerly worked for him, his separating of hispanic and other ethnic families being brought back across our southern border, his war-like tendencies and his flipping on the neo-cons and more.

        Whether you like or agree with anything that I just said means less to me than you can imagine, since I don’t know you other than some guy on FKTV.

        So, while I acknowledge your free speech, your rights to your own opinion and to post them anywhere you please, don’t confuse that with one who can always look the other way when you spew your nonsense.

    • Everything about the New York Times is fake.

      100% verified USDA Slime.

      What? How do I really feel? They are a capitalistic organization built on yellow journalism that itself, exaggerates, invents, reports loosely, uses anonymous, unnamed sources, publishes hit pieces, partners with a known drug lord, is a shining knight in Operation Mockingbird but please, don’t get me started.

    • WHEN??? Will people STOP trying to sell “Trumpism” HERE? Trump is a NAZI Zionist and the evidence is piling up that he is…He is a proponent along with PUTIN of plan-B of the NWO (Chinese too)
      LOADED with support of the FAKE Jews
      STUDY exactly HOW he came into Power and you will SEE he is following the EXACT scenario Adolf Hitler did.

      • Kennyboy, I’m not going to stop expressing my opinion on my blog. It’s my blog. The 2 first links you’ve put here lead to empty/nonworking webpages and the video is completely idiotic.

        I’m not going to tell you what to believe. I will tell you that you are prejudiced and that you are blinded by your prejudice.

        • Alexandra, it is your blog and you can censor his “ass” if you want to. If I wanted to blame someone for the problems of our country, it would be the droves of trust fund babies running our major and minor corporations. This little “piss ant” Sulzberger that met with President Trump the other day to express his fear of repercussions for President Trump’s use of “Fake News” when referring to the majors in the news business, is the sixth heir to inherit that job. Has the Department of Justice forgot about anti-trust laws. Some of these families are too powerful and should be relieved of “MOST of their cash”, I bet working families within the borders of the United States could use some of those “bread crumbs”.

    • Thanks for the robust information that exposes our MSM connections to the deep state intelligence community who control views and events with little regard for public safety or spreading the truth.

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