Optimism about Black Friday is said to have pushed up the stock price of Amazon – and the fortune of its founder, Jeff Bezos to over $100 billion, making him the second person in history to amass a fortune with so many dollar digits and giving him the title of the World’s Richest Man.

Or is he?

Sean at the SGTReport says that inflation is why it looks that way and it’s clear to him that members of the Rothschild family, with multi-generational earnings from controlling the world’s central banks, the diamond mines and the planetary gold reserves are surely under reporting their wealth.

Is it even feasible that Jacob Rothschild, the eldest son of Victor the 3rd Baron Rothschild can only be worth $5 billion, as stated in Wikipedia – just 5% of the net worth of a self-made American whose holdings were acquired over the past two decades?

It’s a nice idea that the richest man in the world started with nothing, as the adopted son of a Cuban refugee – and Jeff Bezos’ rise is in every way a remarkable, “only-in-America” kind of story – but to call him the richest man in the world is false.

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  • Someone did some checking and discovered Jeff Bezos’ father was a CIA agent, and that Bezos, himself also works for the CIA. The person I heard that from was one of my regular YouTube channels, but I can’t remember now, which one. It came out about the time of the Las Vegas shooting when people were looking at Paddock’s CIA connections. You might want to check on that.
    Another thing that needs to be remembered – nobody accumulates that much wealth in a lifetime, nor over generations, unless they are heavily involved in illegal practices.
    If this is the American Dream, then America is founded on all the principals of evil, and it is made up of a bunch of criminals. I reject that whole premise. The “American Dream” is nothing but a propaganda tool to suck in decent, honest people to be fleeced of their entire livelihood.

    • I, too, ran across the early years Bezos see eye ayy connect somewhere. He did go to Princeton, haven for gov’t recruiting, and the very egg/sperm connection for The Company via the Dulles Bros. THEN HE CONJOINED PURCHASE OF WaHoPo WITH A 600MIL SEE EYE AYY PUT ‘EM IN HIS CLOUD DEAL! Ummm, not lookin’ all that, CLEARLY NOT INFLUENCED BY, I’d speculate.

  • This film makes an excellent point. I had this same thought last time I visited a stately home, an old Victorian mansion bought by English Heritage from the Gibbs family. They had made their fortune importing bird guano. I realised as I was looking around that this is the image I have in my mind of super wealth! It’s a kind of crumbling bygone age of inequality that seemed to end after ww2! The true picture is entirely hidden and for good reason, most people would find it totally grotesque. It would demonstrate where the real seat of power is.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if this is partly the function of organisations like The National Trust and English Heritage. To shape public opinion about what super wealth looks like. It’s always portrayed by them as being something from the past distanced from today’s reality. Something that came to an end. Maybe this gift from the Rothschild family was part of that strategy….paranoia?

      • The Rothschilds made their pact with Satan well before the mid 1700s, because these “Jews” have made their wealth through illegal practices millennia ago, and anyone who accumulates such large amounts of wealth, should never be admired, much less used as a model to look up to, because this can only be accomplished through criminal activities. Not one penny of their wealth is honestly earned, and they trampled the God given rights of decent, hard-working people to accumulate it. There’s not one iota of honor in that.


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