With all of this Putin-generated talk of diplomacy, involving the UN-supervised removal of all chemical weapons from Assad’s arsenal, there still exits a high likelihood, that the the unrelenting pressure from AIPAC and the heavy bribery being heaped upon US legislators by the Saudis may lead to a vote for the US to become the private Wermacht for the Wahhabist zombies from the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusrah Front, who are on the same payroll.

This rag-tag of angry, disenfranchised youth, imported from throughout South Asia to do the dirty business of their well-heeled masters would be the unlikeliest of bedfellows for US fighters (considering that we are memorializing 9/11 this week!) in a joint military action against the Syrian regime, so dearly coveted by the Saudi and Israeli failed states, whose boundless greed and cruelty have no par on this Earth.

The money Bandar is throwing at everyone may yet cause some traction in Congress – but let us hope & pray that it does not…

The evilness of all parties involved, at the nucleus of this situation is so absolutely staggering, as to beggar belief!

Yes, it is so sick, as to be unbelievable, but this is the world in which we ALL live – and it is up to us to straighten this ALL out!!!

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