This is a clip from the upcoming Video-on-Demand, ‘MIRAGE MEN’ to be released at 10AM Pacific Time on March 27th on Forbidden Knowledge TV.

‘MIRAGE MEN’ concerns the main character of the film, Richard Doty, a retired US Military Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years in the U.S. Air Force working in counter-intelligence.

During his counter intelligence days, he was briefed into the US program which investigated UFOs and extraterrestrial contact. And during this time period, he read a document that summarized an exchange program between the U.S. and an extraterrestrial race.

Doty was involved both in learning the real state of affairs about the US Government’s relations with extraterrestrial beings and in leaking disinformation to publishers of UFO books, magazines, etc. as part of the Government’s program to keep this privileged information under their control. This is why we could be wary of any and all statements made by Richard Doty.

Here are Doty’s own words, in an article he wrote for UFO Magazine, published in February 2006:

“In early 1979, after arriving at Kirtland Air Force Base as a young special agent with AFOSI, I was assigned to the counterintelligence division of AFOSI District 17. I was briefed into a special compartmented program. This program dealt with United States government involvement with extraterrestrial biological entities. During my initial briefing I was given the complete background of our government’s involvement with EBEs…

“During a briefing in 1984 I read a document which mentioned an exchange program between an alien race and twelve U.S. military personnel. The briefing did not mention any specific details of the exchange program, but it did refer to the program lasting from 1965 to 1978. [This secret project is referred to by him and others as “Project Serpo”].

“I tried to obtain more information during a Pentagon briefing in 1985, but I was told I didn’t have the proper clearance for that information. I retired in 1988 and with one exception, I never learned anything further about the subject until very recently.

“In 1991 during a retirement party for a AFOSI friend, I had a conversation with Colonel Jack Casey, retired Air Force Intelligence. I specifically asked Colonel Casey about the exchange program I’d heard about. With a look of surprise, Colonel Casey looked around as if to make sure no one was listening and then led me outside to a patio. Colonel Casey then went on to give me a short briefing about the exchange program. He told me the following:

“In 1965, twelve U.S. military [personnel, 10 men and 2 women, according to later reports but only men, in the version told by Colonel Casey] were placed on an extraterrestrial spacecraft and flew to an alien planet [called Serpo, in the Zeta Reticula binary star system in the constellation Reticulum some 40 light years away. The exchange program lasted until 1978 when the team returned. Some of the twelve died on the alien planet and by 1991, when I was given this information, some had died since. The final briefing of the returnees is still classified. Note: all the team members are now dead, the last surviving until 2002.”

This information, he says corroborated almost entirely with information, of which which he was already aware. Doty goes on to say:

“I did try over the years to obtain more information, but no one, not even the retired intelligence officers I knew, had any further data they possessed or were willing to share. Then in late 2005, 14 years later…[this] stunning release being discussed here [on an email forum created by Victor Martinez…a former U.S. government employee, who worked for a number of different Federal law enforcement agencies and…[at that time worked] in Los Angeles as a teacher.

“Although much of the information correlates closely with what I’ve heard elsewhere, I do have a few concerns both regarding the method used by Mr. Anonymous in his initial release [a email forum], and also regarding some of the information itself. First, I’d personally have preferred Mr. Anonymous to have chosen a different medium for his release; he could perhaps have used a more open source.”

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