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Exclusive Interview with Jack Maxey on Status of Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation

Information Operation host, L Todd Wood speaks exclusively with Jack Maxey on the status of the investigation into the Hunter Biden ‘Laptop from Hell’.

Jack is in Switzerland with a team going through discovery on the device and has found much more data.

Jack’s data drop on Metabiota was taken down by the hosting company and he was pretty quiet online last week, because his team was unexpectedly able to recover nearly half a million more deleted files, which increased their work load of organizing and redacting the child pornography and Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information and converting it into a searchable database, similar to WikiLeaks.

Jack has also been hosting members of the dinosaur death rattle media, saying, “Daily Mail was here for four days last weekend through Monday. I’m hopeful ABC shows up Monday-Tuesday.

“Mainstream actors are starting to reach out to me and I spoke to Mike Isikoff [propagandist and Grifter Supreme of the ‘Pee-Pee Dossier’ and ‘Russian Collusion’] for about an hour the other day and fed him some information.”

Jack thanks Todd for his help in finding some DoD root certificates on Hunter’s laptop, indicating Hunter not only had access to servers at the Pentagon but he had admin capabilities.

He says, “Everybody needs to understand that it’s not just the Biden Administration that is at risk with these revelations, I would say very clearly that Chairman Xi is at risk. He’s already not very well-loved in the senior echelons of the CCP, largely because many of his acts over the last several years have destroyed their grift.

“So it’s not just bad actors inside the United States and the West that this exposes. This exposes the Chinese Communist Party to real embarrassment concerning their decision to choose Devon Archer, Hunter Biden and Jimmy ‘Whitey’ Bulger as their partners and I would bet that as this thing breaks out, Chairman Xi gets replaced, as well.

“To whit, Hunter had an office manager in Hudson West, in New York City, which was the partnership with Ye Jianmeng, Chairman of Chinese Energy Fuel Corporation [CEFC], who has been murdered by the Chinese – there’s no disputing that – and then, there was Patrick Ho, who was arrested in 2017 by the FBI for bribery and money laundering and ironically, they decided not to prosecute. They sent him home to China.

“Now, Patrick reappeared about two weeks after Joe Biden was inaugurated, with kind-of ‘Runaway Bride’ eyes, sort of the Jack Ma 1,000-yard stare after chasing him for such a long time.

“It’s a very dangerous game but there’s a lot better men than me taking dirt naps and I owe it to them to stay in the fight.”

There are many fascinating details in this must-see interview about what’s being discovered on the laptop and about the implications of these discoveries.

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