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    Thomas Drake, a 30-year intelligence professional who was was a Senior Executive of NSA when he was surprised to find himself prosecuted for Espionage (treason), after going through all the “proper channels” to report the ongoing fraud, waste and the abuse of US Law, which he observed at his place of work.

    He speaks eloquently about the explosive growth of the US’ surveillance system, in the post-9/11 world, a system, which the dreaded and infamous “Stasi in East Germany would have drooled over.”

    Ironically, the Stasi were the very group that it was Drake’s job to spy on, as a pilot of an AWACS aircraft, during the Cold War.

    He says that the very things that the US’ current surveillance system is alleged to be defending, breaks the very laws which are the true defense of the United States, namely the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which he says have now gotten “in the way” of this monstrous mechanism, which he believes will culminate in providing for neither security nor freedom nor for basic human rights.

    This interview was conducted by Reuters defense correspondent Andrea Shalal-Esa.

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