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Ever Wonder Why the Left Hates Russia so Much?

All Alex Jones and InfoWars have been taken down from YouTube and he was mass-de-platformed in a Fascistic multi-lateral Blitz in over a dozen social media sites on August 8, 2018.

Pending these videos’ reinstatement on another platform, I’m using this classic Tom Jobim music as filler, avoid web-crawling problems…


During the late 20th century, the Democrat Party was supposed to represent the working class in the US and it claimed to protect working people from the ravages of corporate Fascism. This was the era when the Democrats got their “Good Guy” cred; this was the Civil Rights Act, the Kennedy branding that they’re still trying to trade on, as their Tech Overlords shadow ban our free speech and coerce us to correct our thinking with dopamine-driven, social validation feedback loops.

The dire antics of Tricky Dick, Ray Gun, Poppy Bush and Dubya played perfectly into the Democrats’ characterization of Republicans as the “Bad Guys”, cementing the idea of the Democrats as the “Good Guys” in the minds of millions of Americans – indeed, for billions of people all over the world.

But you live long enough and you see the craziest things, like the Democrats’ hysterics over Russia, which is a total analog of the 1960s ravings of the radical Far-Right John Birch Society! What a topsy-turvy world we live in!

People have been calling this Neo-McCarthyism except that it’s not anti-Communist anymore, it’s just Russophobic. But anti-ethnic bias would be prejudiced now, wouldn’t it? It’s not very Leftist to be hating on the folks who gave you the global Marxist Revolution now, is it? This racist attitude doesn’t hang with whatever the Neo-Liberal-Nobel Laureate-O’Bomber Left says that it’s supposed to stand for, now does it?

The Left is totally incoherent. They’re a bunch of bloodthirsty Bankster-controlled Corporatists, just like the other guys in the Uniparty.

The US’ Two-Party system is dead.

So let’s unpack this Russophobia, shall we? What’s it really about? Why is it, again that the Left hates Mother Russia, from whose loins sprang the original Worker’s Utopia?

The Banksters hate Russia because it survived not just the imposition of – but the collapse of – the Soviet Central Government that the Central Banksters devised and that they wish were in place globally today.

Russia represents a kind of “Patient Zero” in the inevitable domino effect that will be the collapse of their globalism. And that’s why I, for one love Russia.

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