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    The latest evidence of the Great Awakening is a conspiracy theory that has been embraced by Normiedom, about how Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin has been replaced by a body double.

    This follows Hamlin’s very public midgame heart attack earlier this month, which caused the game to be cancelled, followed by a bizarre appearance last Sunday as a spectator at the Bills’ playoff game against the Bengals, in which he did not speak with reporters and instead flashed Illuminati hand signals and was so obscured by his hoodie, mask and sunglasses that he may as well have been wearing a beekeeper’s outfit.

    The conspiracy theorists claim there was no evidence that this was actually him – and they’re right.

    The following day, Damar did little to dispel the rumors – or I should say his Twitter account – did little to dispel the rumors by posting an image of himself, donned again in what amounts to a beekeeper’s outfit standing next to the kind of urban mural one often sees depicting deceased civil rights heroes, accompanied by the one-word tweet, “clone”.

    The theory goes that the vaxx pushers can neither have the death of an NFL player on live TV being attributed to the Death Shot nor deal with the mass awakening resulting from same.

    Hence, they’ve marshalled all of their factcheckers to refute this pernicious disinformation, while all of the Fake News outlets have dutifully published refutations of this conspiracy theory, even the BBC.

    Salty Cracker believes that Damar is still alive but he may have suffered massive brain damage, while Clif High and many others opine that Damar is deceased, seeing as he did not breathe for over 10 minutes and given what is known about cerebral hypoxia:

    • Between 30-180 seconds of oxygen deprivation, you may lose consciousness.
    • At the one-minute mark, brain cells begin dying.
    • At three minutes, neurons suffer more extensive damage, and lasting brain damage becomes more likely.
    • At five minutes, death becomes imminent.
    • At 10 minutes, even if the brain remains alive, a coma and lasting brain damage are almost inevitable.
    • At 15 minutes, survival becomes nearly impossible.

    Dr Felicia Lockhart from Headlines with a Voice took matters into her own hands with some very simple internet searches to verify that Damar Hamlin is indeed, deceased, according to a website that aggregates public records.

    First, she was able to determine his parents’ names as Mario and Nina Hamlin and that he was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

    Then, she went to and entered his name and his birth city and searched for any public records of his death and sure enough, she was able to pull up the record of his death, with his parents names listed alongside his as next of kin.

    However, a subscriber has just informed me that he was able to use his own name on to achieve the same result as Dr Lockhart but that, unlike her, he followed through and actually paid SearchQuarry for the search report for a Death Record for Damar R Hamlin, born March 24, 1998, in McKees Rocks, PA to Mario and Nina Hamlin and the search came back negative.

    In world where elections are stolen and genocidal vaccines are developed and mandated by the government, the above doesn’t rule out a conspiracy to cover-up Damar’s death and certainly, the weirdness of Damar’s beekeeper’s outfit and his antics remain.

    Some believe that Pfizer’s multi-million-dollar sponsorship of the NFL would justify this PSYOP, which would necessarily involve bribing his family to go along with it.

    Others think that the woke NFL is already deprecated and that this obvious cover-up – or whatever it is – is either trolling anti-vaxxers or is otherwise designed to do even more damage to the NFL’s reputation, as part of a Globalist demoralization campaign against American culture.

    For me, the bigger story about Damar’s passing, as sad as it is, is that the masses have stopped believing the legacy media and the factcheckers.

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    • I don’t know whether he’s alive or dead, but I do know that a person can survive without brain damage as long as there is CPR happening until the heart starts back up and runs on its own. That is the purpose of CPR, it does the work of the heart by keeping the blood filled with oxygen circulating through the body.

      On another note, is anybody else getting as tired of the F and S word, as well as other crudities? I expect it from liberals with their low IQs, but I feel really aggravated to hear so many patriots talking like low IQ gutter rats. The English language has a fantastic plethora of descriptive words for every situation.

        • I just consulted SearchQuarry again, and this time I found the death notices for Damar Hamlin. Btw, in the entire USA, there are about 6 – 8 people with that name who have died recently. Not such a rare name …
          As someone on Steve Kirsch’s site claimed that Hamlin’s entry was fake, as anybody could make an entry there, I wanted to get other sources to confirm it.
          SearchQuarry names its source as “public record databases”.
          So I went to
          They get their data from police records.
          And I found his death notice again.
          So its official. He’s dead.

    • Maybe this is all about making the Truthers and the Anti-Covid vaxxers (Those of us that have done research) look stupid! Muddy the waters and start a confusion to help keep the covid-19 clot shots afloat.

    • Given my familiarity with Mr. Death and what I know about cerebral hypoxia (brain oxygen deprivation), I opine that he is actually dead. If it had been me, I would want to be dead, as well.
      A brain-dead Football star who is a vegetable has even less of a future than I do.

    • Who is this guy Damar Hamlen? Why do we care about this one guy? Dozen other athletes died on the field and no one cared? Sh’t Happened? Adult Sudden Death Syndrome ?

      • This was a big televised event. It would get the attention of so many people. Which would help clear conspiracies on how toxic the vax is.

    • It’s the same criminal establishment that demands we believe and trust THEIR beloved OFFICIAL conspiracy theories such as THEIR official Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction conspiracy theory, or THEIR official Assad’s use of chemical weapons conspiracy theory, or THEIR official Russiagate conspiracy theory, or THEIR official JFK lone shooter assassination conspiracy theory, or THEIR official 9-1-1 inept pilots/fires brought down skyscrapers conspiracy theory, THEIR Covid conspiracy theory, and on and on with their authorized conspiracy theories they LOVE.

      By that PEOPLE MANIPULATION term (“conspiracy theories”) the criminal establishment (and their idiotic followers) means those factual narratives that they do not like, that threatened THEIR official lies, that DISprove their official lies …

      “I just cannot understand why all these damn anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists don’t trust a government that actively works against the public interest 100 percent of the time. I mean if you can’t trust institutions that are deliberately constructed to subvert the common good for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful at every turn, who can you trust?” — Caitlin Johnstone, Independent Journalist

      “… normal and healthy discontent .. is being termed extremist.” — Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

    • About your list, what oxygen deprivation does to the brain:
      That’s exactly what CPR is supposed to prevent. The thumping on the chest pumps the blood through the body, replacing the heart beat, until the heart either starts pumping again on its own, or is connected to a heart-lung-machine.
      That’s why first responders have to breath air into the lungs every 30 seconds or so, to enrich the blood with fresh oxygen.
      As Hamlin did receive professional CPR immediately, it is possible that he did not suffer any brain damages.

      • That was the results page, which I guess doesn’t display on someone else’s browser.

        It worked for me. Just go to and enter the details (first name, last name, state, death record).

        I think it should work. This is what I got:

        Damar Death

        To get the actual death record, you need to subscribe to their service.

    • People, you are being played again.
      If they had wanted to cover up his death, they could have done so without anybody noticing.
      The silicone masks are so real, it is unreal. And that is the technology from 30 years ago, that is being revealed now, because it’s outdated stuff.
      They have clones and holograms and I dunno what else, so when everybody notices the cover-up, then this is what they want.
      A twitter-entry titled “clone” – that’s too obvious.

      The same goes for the “death” of Tiffany Dover. There were people claiming they found her in an actors agency’s database. I examined her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and all the hints at cults and illuminati and stuff were too obvious and too many. She had set up these accounts shortly before her public fainting show, so I think all of this was planned.

      I don’t know what this is good for, but maybe they are just mocking conspiray theorists.
      Remember, they always play on both sides.

      • Having said this, I do believe that Damar Hamlin is dead (but I think Tiffany Dover, or whatever her real name, is alive), but they just love to send the conspiracy community into a frenzy.

      • His FAMILY (and close friends) would notice (a mask)!! I think that they are paying off the family to keep quiet, for now. And ‘something’ WILL happen, in the near future, that Damar will be ‘officially’ declared dead. MOST individuals are WHORES and WILL do ANYTHING for MONEY!!

    • Here’s an article / link that was written in 2012 not a Typo the Year 2012 :
      A law was passed in the United States that made it legal to use Propaganda and Lies on the American People.

      And considering there’s a Death Certificate of the football player damar, he’s probably dead.

      Here’s another link of Senator Joe Biden Died in 1988 and A College Professor has been Impersonating Biden since 1988,
      There’s clear face shots of both Biden s in the link.

      It’s A Messed Up World.

      Jimmy Jukebox,

      • It’s hard to buy the fact that a law professor would be as dumb, and say all ridiculous things over the years that we have heard from Biden.

      • That article didn’t convince me.
        Another bible thumper, who tries to explain current politics – or the question whether Joe Biden was replaced or not – by quoting bible verses.

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