Eric Weinstein, Managing Director of Thiel Capital, talks about when he met Jeffrey Epstein and what his impression of him was at that time and the questions that are not being asked. This is from an interview Eric Weinstein did with David Fuller from the Rebel Wisdom Channel in April 2019.


ERIC WEINSTEIN: Alright, there is some glass wall that is preventing the Epstein story from being discussed properly. Everyone’s interested in it, the questions are basic and there’s a guaranteed story to write.

Simply ask the most basic questions of the officials involved and print whatever comes back. Whatever it is, there’s no possibility of an uninteresting answer to the central questions and yet, the central questions are not asked.

DAVID FULLER: And what are the central questions?

ERIC WEINSTEIN: The first one is very simple. You have to ask every government that might be involved: Was Jeffrey Epstein known to be attached to any intelligence agency, anywhere in the world?

Then you have to ask were his activities known to the intelligence agencies and was there any kind of tacit approval or understanding or is there a categorical denial that such techniques may never be used?

Now, we have not recorded the ‘No comments’ or ‘We don’t discuss sources and methods’. That’s typical in these stories, where you should be able to say, ‘Can I at least get a statement?’ that we would never condone such activities to be used for intelligence gathering purposes,

Alright. The next question: Jeffrey Epstein was supposed to be a hedge fund manager of some kind and he had extensive offices at a place called Villard House, the former Helmsley Palace. This trophy building is a place that I, myself dropped off materials for Jeffrey Epstein to review in connection to a hedge fund matter.

What I want to know is where are the trading records from the Villlard House? It would be almost impossible to go back in time and fake trading records for a billion dollar-plus hedge fund and yet, nobody seems to have ever recorded a trade with Jeffrey Epstein, we don’t know where he did prime brokerage, there are no financial records that explain his fortune.

Are those – should those – be publicly available. I don’t even care about that. Where are the records?

If there are no records, I mean, presumably, this person paid taxes. Presumably, this person had to make SEC filings. I don’t know, but the key issue is, I don’t think there was a hedge fund.

When I met Jeffrey Epstein, which might have been something like 2002, before he was charged with sex crimes violations in Florida, I did not believe that Jeffrey Epstein was a hedge fund manager and I, in fact called my wife at the time and I said, ‘This man appears to be a construct.’ And she said, ‘What do you mean by a construct?’ I said, ‘It’s like they’ve hired an actor to play a hedge fund manager.’

But this person didn’t behave like the super-rich normally behaved. He didn’t behave like a hedge fund manager behaves. He didn’t have any of the substance that you would normally associate with people of that class.

I’m not saying he wasn’t smart but he was glib and he lived essentially like he was Gatsby. I only met him once, probably for about an hour or so but he was an absolutely terrifying person to encounter.

It would be surprising to me if I was alone, in that I immediately had the suspicion that I was looking at somebody who had been constructed, rather than something that had organically arisen within the financial community.

Further questions that need to be asked: ‘Where was Ghislaine Maxwell’s passport last sighted?’

Assume that she has one or more passports and assume that governments record when passports go through a border point,

Okay. We should at least be able to ascertain where was the last point where her passports – or at least one of her passports – were officially seen? I don’t know of anybody asking this question.

Can we not call up Interpol? Is there no sense in which we can guess where she was last located? What was the last social event in which she was recorded? We don’t seem to know anything about this person.

Why are we not talking to Les Wexner? I don’t understand why these people are not being interviewed or deposed. We have a very strange situation and in all of these cases, a simple declaration of ‘No comment’ would be a newsworthy story.

DAVID FULLER: I mean, I’m hopeful. I mean, investigative journalism does take time. I’m hopeful there are, because I really –

ERIC WEINSTEIN: You’ve got to be kidding. I’m gonna shut you down on this. It’s been over six months. This doesn’t take that long, to get a ‘No comment’ from the CIA. ‘No comment’.

DAVID FULLER: I’m not talking about the no comment. My point was going to be, given the amount of interest in the Epstein story, there must be some investigative journalists working on it. I completely agree with your points about the ‘No comments’ like that being –

ERIC WEINSTEIN: I’m sorry. It’s not a question of some investigative journalists. We tripped over some enormous structure. We don’t know what this structure was. It doesn’t make any sense.

The fortune that I think I’ve seen reference to, something like $600 million. Who, with $600 million dollars would make these purchases, you know? Multiple jet aircrafts, private islands, you know, a townhouse on 71st Street in Manhattan, a huge complex in the New Mexico desert, property in Paris.

It would appear that most of this was intended for display. I mean, in other words, the behavior patterns of Jeffrey Epstein suggests an eleven-figure fortune, maybe high eleven-figure fortune. This person appears to be somewhere in the nine figures that’s two orders of magnitude off.

Now, I know that ‘very rich’ is ‘very rich’ to many people but you know, as a person of much much smaller means, I can tell you that if you hang around with people who are in this stratosphere, they behave very differently, depending upon which order of magnitude they’re at and Jeffrey Epstein was at the wrong order of magnitude. He was behaving like a high eleven-figure type guy, maybe with what appears to be a nine-figure fortune.

DAVID FULLER: Yeah, I mean my point on this is that I don’t know where the media interest is and it doesn’t add up, that there wouldn’t be media interest, given that the the huge desire for the story, that you can kind of see every time you log on.

ERIC WEINSTEIN: Anything. Any scrap is interesting to everybody.

DAVID FULLER: Yeah. especially given that we already know the links to someone like Prince Andrew, the British Royal Family. This is one of the biggest, potentially one biggest stories that has ever has ever happened.

ERIC WEINSTEIN: Let’s talk about the interview with Prince Andrew. What was that? Now, I cannot believe my ears, when very intelligent people watch that interview in its entirety and then say, ‘Well, he was unprepared’ or ‘It was a mistake to grant that interview.’

I think that that’s not true. I think we have no idea what that interview represented. I think that that interview was so bizarre and so clearly, it was almost like he was trolling the media who was asking him questions.

Was he forced to give an interview and he decided that he would rather go down with the ship and give the world’s worst interview? Was he realizing that he was completely trapped and that his best strategy was to make fun of the entire process by giving answers that were so implausible that no child would ever believe them?

Whatever that interview was, it was one of the most remarkable pieces of footage anybody has ever seen on television, bar none. To not be talking about this and say, ‘We do not know what that interview represented.’

What was a member of the British Royal Family – the Queen’s son – doing giving that interview? Was it in Buckingham Palace?

DAVID FULLER: Yes, I think it was.

ERIC WEINSTEIN: It was an insane event that happened, where nobody came to a conclusion that makes that make any sense. I’d rather leave the problem open. Who was forced to do what by whom, that that interview would ever be granted?

DAVID FULLER: Yeah. I can remember when it was first announced, having a sort of double take of like, ‘This is not good. This is not gonna go well.’ And then the actual interview happened.

ERIC WEINSTEIN: I think it went brilliantly. For us. It was effectively an admission that something is so off in the world, something that’s so completely bizarre that that thing would be produced.

That was some sort of internal conflict. I don’t know whether it was between the Queen and her son or the intelligence services or I don’t know what but it was it was sort of the sense that you have like almost a hostage video where the person has to behave so bizarrely as to send a message and the message I got is: ‘I’m going to lie. I’m going to fabricate. I’m going to say preposterous things in an effort to just put this to bed in the worst possible way.

Like, ‘I want you to all know never to ask me questions about this, because I’m simply gonna say the most outrageous and insane things that I can possibly think of.’

DAVID FULLER: I mean, as I said, I it didn’t twig at the beginning it sounded like a terrible idea but then, I guess I rationalized it by thinking he’s clearly got no self-awareness. Maybe he did think that he could clear his name.

ERIC WEINSTEIN: Nobody’s that dumb, David. Those questions were entirely expected and the answer is, if you look at the amount of twinkle in the eye – I mean, he’s clearly not a happy man but he’s saying absolutely ludicrous and preposterous things.

I think that the effect is exactly the reverse. If I had to speculate I really don’t want to I would say that this interview was given because an amount of pressure was put on a human being who decided that his life was effectively over, in most senses and this is the way he chose to go out, effectively making fun of the entire process.

DAVID FULLER: Yeah. But what’s really interesting is, I’m sort of aware, for example, the Royal Television Society Awards were two nights ago, the journalism awards and the Prince Andrew interview won Scoop of the Year and Interview of the Year, so it’s kind of been rationalized and I’ve seen people talk about how they got the interview. The News Night producer was trying hard and was on Buckingham Palace, which is kind of ludicrous; the idea that it was just the dedication of the journalist continuing to ask for an interview that made Prince Andrew say, ‘Okay, you’ve asked me so many times.’ I mean, that, in itself is kind of a ludicrous narrative but it is a narrative that I’ve seen the mainstream media kind of integrate that whole thing into, ‘Wow, this is an amazing scoop. You were dedicated and you got the story, which is which is kind of ludicrous, the idea that – so you see what I’m what I’m saying?

ERIC WEINSTEIN: I really don’t.

DAVID FULLER: What I’m saying is that it’s already been rationalized within the mainstream media, the reason that that interview happened was because they were so dedicated and they pursued Prince Andrew and they asked Buckingham Palace and eventually, they they conceded. They gave the interview, which is kind of ludicrous. I’m saying it’s ludicrous.

ERIC WEINSTEIN: Oh, it is ludicrous but I guess, I mean my expectation is that, even if the UK is no longer the world power it once was, I presume you still have adults with IQs over 70.

How could you possibly rationalize such a thing? I mean, we used to turn to you guys for intelligence and sophistication. This seems the height of folly. If I had that say this is much closer to a hostage video, where the hostage is attempting to send a message that is clearly not the ostensible message on video.

The really difficult part of the story, David is is that almost certainly, we’re talking about some kind of operation that was being run with the knowledge of governments, that may have involved pedophilia and was not shut down and what I can’t understand is what is it that is keeping some reporter from simply asking the questions that are on everybody’s mind?

Was this person connected to the intelligence services? Where was Ghislaine Maxwell’s passport last seen? Why are we not talking to Les Wexner? Where are the trading records? What is the source of the fortune?

Seems to me very clear that we have a missing fortune of Robert Maxwell and an unexplained fortune of Jeffrey Epstein. Are those the same fortune? Who’s asking these questions? Did everybody go to sleep when they taught journalism in school? I just don’t understand.

DAVID FULLER: I guess my sort of disconnect, as well is this sense of I worked in Channel 4 News. They had an investigative unit. These were the kind of bread-and-butter questions.

They pushed really hard, for example, on the phone hacking scandal in the UK. The Murdoch papers phone hacking scandal that also involved networks of power. It involved shady deals and involved corruption and they they pursued that quite intensely.

I’m feeling a sense of dislocation, because I agree with you, there are these questions that are not being asked and I find it difficult to understand why that is, knowing the public interest and knowing that these are questions have been asked in the past.

ERIC WEINSTEIN: Let me tell you what happened. People started asking those questions – and they stopped. And that’s what idea suppression is all about. ‘We don’t have the resources to pursue that right now.’

Well, actually, I’m concerned that this is starting to reek of conspiracy theory. I think, given the delicacies of the situation, I’m gonna need a lot more evidence before I give this thing the go-ahead.

These are the sorts of things that you say when you’re trying to shut down a line of inquiry and my guess is that whatever the story is it represents, some very powerful structure that we tripped over – and I tripped over that structure in 2002 and I was convinced at the time, before there was any knowledge about this Florida situation, that this was constructed.

I mean, we have a very famous case of a guy named Eli Cohen who was fitted with a backstory and became a playboy in Damascus and held orgies, if I understand correctly, where he collected information and leverage against people in the Syrian government.

If you take that situation, this looks remarkably similar. We’ve got a guy who was apparently a math teacher at a private high school and the next thing we know, he’s avoided jail in some sort of financial scandal and he suddenly set up as a mystery financier with connections to absolutely everyone in the top echelons of power.

Something doesn’t smell right about the story, given that nobody appears to have ever traded currencies with the guy who was apparently moving billions as a currency trader.

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  • This was a fascinating interview allowing us to see the inner workings of the Deep State. We have long suspected that Jeffrey Epstein was a blackmail operation using money from Les Wexner. We have long suspected it was a billionaire class, not a class of skilled managers. And we have long thought that it was part of Intelligence Agencies–multiple and world wide. We now need to know what they intend to do with their newly won world power. Is this a “Smash and Grab” operation–reduce the price by destroying the country so they can buy up the assets and get even richer, since rich, richer, and richest seems to be the power theme.

    In the meantime, lack of good management on the highest level creates chaos like the Port of Los Angeles that I recently saw where ships are lined up out to the horizon of the sea and boxcar crates are piled up three stories high. You see the state of California that is one of those Deep State assets won’t allow the flatbed trucks into the state to take the cargo away to the empty shelves. Why: Climate change, of course. The trucks have to be equiped with something, plus the gas prices are through the roof. But, a rational person might ask, don’t the ships burn fossil fuel just sitting there? Well, yes, I guess no one thought of that, though. It’s better to just wreck the economy… smash it, so to speak, to grab it up cheap?

  • The Clintons rape and murder children and sell out the country for money according to Weiners laptop and the Epstein’s zoom room videos. The Maxwell trial is here to prove that big willy & witchy wife can get away with anything at all. Thanks Trump you sure know how to pick your friends. Let’s have a pizza party to celebrate finally getting some justice for all the millions of child victims.

  • What is it going to take to put the swamp in jail? For example, if they have video of Clinton doing horrible things to a child why is she not in jail? What is the problem? Why does this continue to go on with all of these high level criminals? Anyone? There are still more good people than evil so why is nothing happening? I’m confused.

  • Also note Edward Heath ,ex UK prime minister ,is clearly connected with sexual abuse in the channel islands where bones of children have been unearthed in children’s homes,
    Tony Blair,cautioned for sex offences with young boys in a public toilet. According to fellows was a very bad bisexual transvestite and abysmal guitar player when young
    Jeremy Thorpe ,leader of the liberal party ,Cyril Smith a charmed peadophile and MP for Rochdale and liberal party member who abused vunerable youngsters in his charity homes.
    Sir Eddie Waring ,BBC presenter of It’s a Knock out tv program ,. Stuart Hall BBC present or….convicted peado etc etc…..BBC are peadophilia and Zionist. With respect to all of faith …Zionism is not Judasim so do not fall into the obvious trap and blame the vast majority of decent Jewish people . It’s amazing the Royal s are still standing after all the peadophilia in Australia and Canada perpetrated by the Crown and internationalist Commonwealth . It would be inconceivable for Americans to imagine that there political system would give bishops a life long seat in the upper congress…..unvoted…..just for being bishops! Feudalism.. . patronage and despotism .
    Randy Andy’s ex missus….the Duchess of Pork had some dodgy freinds years ago who made pornography. Beaminster Manor may be revealing. The fireplace is distinct.

  • We could also plot Robert Maxwell’s early career and service in ww two.His career after ww two gets more interesting. His influence and arrogance in UK business and his so called ‘ downfall’ and ‘ dramatic’ death , as well as Epstein s , ( wow, first time I Ve ever written Epstein and my spell check already knows his name! ) is very illustrative of of film ,theatre and western culture , which is mainly fiction stories based on fact. The film about how the American navy helped once again win ww two by getting hold of an enigma coding machine is a clear example of truth and complete perversion.
    I think we should ask to dig up Maxwell and interview those who recovered his body.
    For thousands of years the honey trap had been a boon to intelligence services. Having a brothel is an age old trick.
    If I was given the responsibility to be head of a security service I would DEMAND that I needed lots of brothels. Indeed rationally,to protect a nation from foreign and internal threats , we need brothels and honey traps…….but. It quickly turns to high treason when an intelligence agency uses said brothels/ honey traps/ blackmail for international organizations.
    Kincora in the UK is a classic example ,as is a culture of widespread peadophilia and sexual blackmail in the economic,political ,legal and acedemic class . Control.
    Edward Heath , Sir Jimmy Saville ,necrophiliac,once head of the UK s most secure prison for the criminally insane,peadophile,long time BBC radio dj and tv star,,Sir Clement Freud ( who was convicted and jailed for peadophilia,and ,owned a villa in Prai D lu where Madelaine went missing,and ,who let his two freinds stay stay at the time she went missing….freinds called the Podesta brothers who match the Portuguese police photo fits, remember Madelaines dad had previously been convicted for internet peado media,an omission that was deliberate in the British press……the media being orchestrated on behalf of the ‘ distraught’ parents by a man named Max Clifford who was later convicted of oeadi sexual offence,imprisoned ,then died soon after………) and lots more Sirs ,knighted by the queen. It may be that having a Sir before your name statistically makes you a much higher risk of being a sick abusing demonic peadophile.
    If I worked at the BBC I would never take my kids to show them where daddy worked . Too risky.
    Missy Maxwell , in my opinion ,helped fake her father’s death then carried in the family mossad company, but bigger. Her earlier history should prove revealing.
    Back to honey traps….and history. Mrs Simpson who married Edward the pro Nazi prince had an earlier career with her ex hubby in the CIA ,one time running a CIA honey trap brothel in China before we two. There are suspicions that part of the good Friday agreement ,the agreement to bring peace to northern Ireland may have involved blackmail of the IRA leadership ,as well as a bomb explosion in Manchester ,claimed to be by IRA extremists opposed to the agreement…….at a critical time when the powerbrokets were brokering….was a false flag to make support for Sien Fein in the UK crumble…..hence forcing the agreement.
    As for Robert Maxwell . He established his newspaper chair in Thompson House in Manchester ,renaming it…rather crassley and tongue in cheek… Maxwell House……a famous coffee brand! Thompson were a major publishing house. When the Ethiopian famine first began I sent a rough idea to Maxwell to quickly assist the Ethiopian tradegy . I suggested a simple fast grain distribution system . No reply..then a short while later Maxwell and the daily mirror went in a self publicising media binge that contributed much to the live aid music charity concerts.
    Maxwell and Epstein may be alive . If Epstein is alive is he in the hands of his chums or has Trump ists got him as an intelligence asset .
    In the times we are living much is coming to light.
    I remember when East Germany fell and the secrets of the stasi were spread everywhere . The wider western world feels like we are at similar turning point for disclosure s.
    Woo! Bring it on! Truth…eternal and everlasting.

  • 1. Weinstein used the term ‘structure’. This operation reeks, not of one single agency’s operations but of multiple agencies actively collaborating across the boundaries of national sovereignty – a global operation. It would not surprise me if there were more rogue agencies involved in this than were not. And *that would be the secret that must never be revealed*, rather than the already notorious adventurism of any one agency plausibly tied to the aims of its own ostensible national governance. This would be a giant structure indeed, publicly revealing that agencies are not only *not* under the control of their own governments, but are actively conspiring together against the very populations of the world which they were intended to serve.

    2. On Epstein’s death – the only plausible circumstance where Epstein would not have died would be if he had been spirited away, *not* by one of the agencies he might finger, but by a rival agency determined to extract his information, where no court would go near it. Otherwise (and perhaps to avoid this possibility), he would be killed without hesitation by any one of the agencies actually involved in the ‘collaboration’. He was likely recruited only after his initial problems, and offered a Golden Hello to work on their behalf. Not being a dyed-in-the-wool agency product, his role would have been as a very high class but disposable patsy – just like all the other patsies that have been used and disposed of at the end of their useful life.

    3. The stand-out of this for me is that Epstein formed a bridge between the CIA and Mossad, through Maxwell, and may well have had other associates that would bridge to other foreign agencies. This might have come out at a trial, even if the real identities and histories of those associates might were obscured, blunting any public investigations before they got off the ground. This goes to the heart of my first point, that it is the trans-national/global collaboration that is the ‘structure’ whose existence must at all costs be kept secret.

    For your agencies to betray you for their own power is one thing; for them to betray you across all political and ideological boundaries, acting against the interests not only of your own people, but simultaneously against the interests of your opponents and others, is a revelation that would bring down the world as we know it.

  • Wienstein is a Slimestein, just like Jeffery Steinslime, and Eric Slimestein has vowed to swear on the Satanic Babylonian Talmud to Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth, So Help Me g-d, the g-d that dare not speak it’s name, but his wife is Satania (20)

  • Nah, with Andrew, I think we’re just looking at a Windsor dullard, one of many, who is so spoiled and disdainful of the public that he thought his superiority and the light of his presence would dazzle him out of a bad situation. No one was fooled. No doubt Randy Andy was/is a pedophile like the rest of his family. The thing they ran into is an entrenched criminal cabal involved in blackmail, pedophilia, treason and the most unimaginable power and control psychosis. Epstein isn’t inscrutable. Isn’t it obvious from the total context what he was connected to and what he was about? If Weinstein is waiting for honest questions to be asked or honest answers to be given he’s as naive as much of the population. Journalism never approaches these people. Epstein was killed or spirited away because he was a ticking time bomb, just like Ghislaine. We can expect that some similar fate awaits her but this time it can’t be “suicide.” Probably a Comey’s daughter mistrial with prejudice. Eric Weinstein’s why-aren’t- they-asking- the right-questions response, as though he’s stunned, is idiotic.

  • Oh for crissakes, Fuller & Weinstein must have been sound asleep for the last ten years. Everybody knows that Mossad is behind Jeffrey Epstein’s operation, just as deep down everybody knows (but doesn’t want to vocalize it) that Donald Trump arranged forhis old buddy Espstein’s escape with a cadaver to replace him.

    • The Weinstein Bros are a perfect example of a limited hangout operation. Notice they’ll never talk about the Zionist run media, academia, Hollywood, Congress, pharma etc.

      This may be an unpopular opinion but the chosenites must be removed from any investigatory situation. There’s so much evidence of their involvement in all of these crimes that they just cannot be trusted at all. They’re less than 2% of the population yet their hands are in everything.

      Trump was brought in to get all the lefties on board the vaxx train which he did perfectly as well as pardoned jewish criminals as he left the WH. Yet he left is so called “supporters” to rot in jail all the while he pardoned some of the worst jewish criminals the US had in prison. It all stinks to high hell and I’m tired of these lairs and deceivers.

      • Pixelated,

        How would you handle/manage
        PSYCHO-Killers, regarding
        Mr. Trump’s between-an-anvil-
        and-hard-place presidency ?

        Being confrontational would
        have been suicidal—but being
        very CLEVER ? : Very WISE !


        • Trump was owned by these people long before he “decided” to run for pres. Him coming into power was one of their demands after being bailed out multiple times by the Kazarian mafia. He’s nothing but a shabbos goy. Just look at all his cabinet picks, liars, cheaters, pedos and kazars.

  • Alexandra,

    If Epstein had been Agency-connected,
    he has NOT transitioned out of this world,
    but was spirited out via an elaborate make-
    him-appear-to-have-offed-himself RUSE.

    Why is he still alive ( undergoing plastic
    surgery ), Alexandra ?

    –because : to have allowed his death would
    have caused ALL Agency-connected spies
    to severely doubt the Agency’s commitment
    to PROTECTING them—and the indicting
    knowledge each one holds.

    Which Spy Agency ?—is the critical question !


    • Spirited out to Palestine/Palestina: Headquarters of The Kosha Nostra Khazarian Global Crime Syndicate aka The Synagogue of Satan.

    • The (6) million “Chosenites” is a coded reference for:(6)+6+6. That’s why it’s not 5,599,9 or 6,000,0001, that would be (1) (2) few, and (1) (2) many!!!


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