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    Last week, a federal court in New York unsealed the latest batch of documents from Virginia Giuffre’s 2015 defamation lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, which included the emails of fellow Epstein sex trafficking victim, Sarah Ransome.

    Sarah Ransome’s newly-released deposition reveals that Epstein made videos of his most powerful and wealthy friends raping and killing children and that she had made copies and had stored them in secure locations.

    The Daily Mail reports:

    Among the newly unsealed documents are emails sent by Ransome explaining the existence of the tapes.

    Ransome writes: ‘When my friend had sexual intercourse with (redacted) and (redacted), sex tapes were in fact filmed on each occasion by Jeffrey.

    ‘Thank God she managed to get ahold of some footage of the filmed sex tapes which clearly identify the faces of (redacted) and (redacted) having sexual intercourse with her’.

    Epstein does not appear in the video, something that Ransome says showed how ‘clever’ he was.

    The friend sent Ransome some of the footage ‘implicating’ both men and she writes that she has seen ‘with my own two eyes the evidence of these sexual acts’.

    Ransome writes: ‘I will be more than willing to swear under oath and testify in court over these sex tapes….it will break your heart into a million tiny pieces when you watch this footage.’

    Ransome claims that she has backed up the footage on several USB sticks that she has stored at various locations in Europe.

    Only one other person knows where the footage is ‘in case anything happens to me before the footage is released’, Ransome writes.

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    • This sounds like something that could happen with these filthy evil pigs!!
      ..but is it true?!..could be! ..
      ..we’ll NEVER know!! ..and the beat goes on!..

    • Facebook Twitter and Google tried to stop this. Too late. The frikkin aliens at Davos don’t adapt to unseen twists in the plan and Troopers, we have a twist.

    • You need to read Whitney Webb’s new book”One Nation Under Blackmail” The cabal uses children to blackmail the politicians

    • This story comes at the very same time we are learning how much the creepy crawlers in silk suits don’t want their dirty deeds made public. Seeing the willful blindness so prevalent all around they certainly have managed to accomplish a great deal. The biggest question becomes is there anything that money can’t buy. I guess we’ll just have to find out when the spigot gets turned off.

      • Exactly ,
        Release it or I just do not believe.
        Release the films.
        Release the Black book.
        Release the Hunter tapes that made seasoned agents cry. Or they do not exist any more than the Steele Dossier Info did…
        Stop rumors for hype.
        Release the evidence.

    • see? Even Trump and Elon (whether willingly or unwillingly, doesn’t matter) are participating in this crime.
      For example, try digging about Elon’s parents, and you will find quite disturbing stuff.
      I don’t know how much those have to compromise themselves in order to (supposedly) save the country though I don’t recall (for example, supposing if you are religious) Bible ever saying you shall compromise yourselves with evil that the believers should stop mixing up Trump with God Bless blah blah.
      I’m not saying Trump is necessary evil, at least, he sounds better than stupid pedo Biden, I’m just saying that they are the same about not doing work diligently in order to serve citizens.
      Don’t put blind faith on anybody, put faith on yourselves and become white hats yourselves, folks

      • I believe white hats are reserved for 33° Freemasons. The game is white vs black hats. F em. We need to get rid of any laws and leaders with less than 7/8s support via sortition and rescission. We need to BE the government; this “representative” crap is for the birds.

      • It is concerning how patriots are going off the deep end and deifying Trump. Then the move to promote Christian nationalism, which is a recipe for tyranny of another kind. No nation run by religion has ever prospered. Catholic commentators in the War Room even are calling for another Inquisition, like that was some wonderful event, even though it created what is called the Dark Ages. I sadly see conservatives over-reacting to the left’s corruption, and developing a blood-lust.

      • Adam, Good for you – I have also, seen this technocrat of which you speak, and his parents bios (sister is daughter of…REDRUM.) Money is the root of evil – Certainly, it cannot buy Love.
        It seems the world is a sick and twisted place for children and young adults to thrive – and with any luck, they grow to become loving adults.
        Love & Light to us all!

    • I can’t understand, and it seems really odd, that all the time people like this come out and say they have some bombshell incriminating evidence against elite, and they are going to release it in the future. Why not just release it without the big preamble? It seems dangerous.

      And, in most cases, you never to see what they claim they have. Take Kappy, who said he had a kill switch that would release info, if he died or was killed. Nothing. I think that famous McSomebody? software guy said that too before he died. Nothing.

      Of course they commit suicide not long after saying they would never commit suicide.

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