Owen Shroyer hosts an excellent roundtable discussion on the future and fate of America featuring Dr Judy Mikovits of TheRealDrJudy.com, Mikki Willis of PlandemicSeries.com and Patrick Byrne of DeepCapture.com.

It starts out with a discussion about disagreements and drama in the movement, between PhDs and MDs, allopaths and naturopaths, etc. some of which they feel is not natural and being provocateured.

Patrick Byrne says, “What’s happening is what they’ve been scared of all my life, that’s a populist movement that united the Left and the Right…

“We have to really thwart the people who are trying to get the war started and they’re trying to get the war started by making this an ‘Us-Them’ thing; Republicans vs Democrats or it’s MAGA vs RINO. It’s really not.

“In my mind…the in group are the people who see the PSYOP and understanding that we’re being manipulated versus the…out group, who are people trying to get us all to hate each other and start a war and there’s example after example of that.

“It’s now become clear to me that…someone is trying to get a civil war started. Just so you know, 90% of us die. It’s all been modeled-out in National Security circles, back in 2005. If a civil war starts, 90% of us die over the course of one year.”

This is a group of very bright people who are some of the greatest warriors, fighting the biggest battles in this hybrid war that we’re now living through.

I think we can draw a lot of inspiration from listening to what they feel is important and how they’re tackling it and their overall attitude. It’s very empowering to watch these great people!

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  • Anyone who wants to be on the right side of history has to stick to knowing what they know, not criticizing anyone who knows something but maybe not the same things as you do. Infighting will destroy the potential of winning over the people we really care about.

    Who will you go with when the titanic is sinking? If you are the only one in your family that knows what is going on, and you can get a witness from the group you’ve been fighting with to bring them to safety, what will you do?

  • Where is evidence that the Russian president is a “hobgoblin” (please, define) and/or a “very bad guy”?


    Not assertions made with dramatic vehemence (therefore obviously true?) Not propaganda from MSM mouthpieces for the globalist deep state. Not proven lies from the likes of a con artist and crook like the infamous Bill Browder. Not rhetoric from America’s deep state “fearless leaders”, those politicians and bureaucrats steering us into the WEF agenda and loss of American sovereignty, if they get their way, for their own gain, those soulless servants of godless Expediency.

    A verifiable record of dastardly deeds, please.

    Ya know, like Hunter Biden and a couple of other Democrat politicians’ progeny being given lucrative “consultant” jobs by Ukrainian energy companies….I mean, surely Hunter’s energy expertise is right up there with his artistic genius…it couldn’t be influence peddling or money laundering. Could it? If Russians did it, on the other hand …

    Not the lies and assertions (minus evidence) from British or American spy agencies that specialize in psy ops and black ops. The Skirpal poisoning accusation, for example, was long ago shown to have no basis, and facts tended to implicate British dirty tricks.

    It is impossible to have any regard for those who malign President Putin.

    Name calling, however loud and definite, is a childish practice that never made it so.

    The Russian president, of course, along with loyal Russians around him, rescued Russia from ruin brought upon it by “the Harvard boys” and oligarchs after the breakup of the Soviet Union. I do believe that was his great “crime”.

    The globalist plan was the continued weakening and eventual dismemberment of Russia. He and other loyal Russians spoiled that plan.

    But the globalist deep state doesn’t call it a day and give up.

    They turned Ukraine into a base from which to accomplish the task of ruining Russia. Actually, that was an old plan, and the CIA had nurtured Naziism for decades. Needed foot soldiers for the globalists.

    That too, isn’t working out too well for them, thank God.

    Yet lives of both Russians and decent Ukrainians have been, and are being sacrificed to the plan for destroying Russia. Russia was always the target for the militarization and Nazification of Ukraine.

    Minsk was not accepted, an ideal solution. Neutrality of Ukraine, another ideal solution, was rejected. Minsk would have left the Donbas within Ukraine with language rights and cultural protection, status akin to that of Quebec in Canada. Neutrality would have answered the security concerns of all.

    But the CIA and globalist Nazi faction of Ukraine would not have it, and their violence and threats triumphed again, just as it had in 2014 when they pushed through the globalist coup (orchestrated from the US embassy).

    When Kiev massed troops on the Donbas borders and greatly intensified shelling, targeting the civilian population as done for 8 years prior, Russia at last responded by recognizing the “breakaway republics”.

    ( “Breakaway”, you know, like when the US broke away from King George’s government)

    Russia joined in their defense as per agreement. Had the West not meddled, the de-militarization of Ukraine would be over now, a settlement would have been reached, no doubt. But the West would use Ukraine to “weaken Russia”.

    Russia had at once neutralized bio-labs that were threats to Ukrainians, to Russians, to all people of the world.

    Thank you, Russia.

    Russia disrupted the Ukrainian center of money laundering operations by corrupt Western leaders, so they responded by pouring more unmonitored billions into Ukraine…knowing Ukraine could not defeat Russia, but only lose more lives and land.

    They were gladdened to see Russians die. The needless deaths of innocent (not the Nazis, who are not innocent) Ukrainians was not something to keep them from sound sleep.

    IF this escalation by the West does result in a nuclear exchange, and I live long enough to know it’s occurred, I will never blame Russia or President Putin.

    I know who is responsible.

    President Putin, to anyone who has followed his record, heard him speak, listened to his answers to questions….is one world leader who truly cares about ordinary people.

    We should be so fortunate as to have a president like him, here.

    I don’t hold it against him or Russians in general that they think the prospect of being turned into another Libya would be unacceptable.

    If Russia falls, the globalists inevitably will also destroy the United States, end our sovereignty, turn our great Constitution into dust and a briefly held memory.

    It would be preferable to enter another world.

    JFK risked nuclear war over a threat less tangible and dire than the threat Russia faced from weaponized, NATO-obsessed Ukraine.

    But I think JFK was right to risk, because the time in minutes for a nuclear armed missile to reach the US from Cuba was so short, that eventual nuclear exchange, perhaps caused by accident, was a near certainty.

    Kennedy had rational human beings to negotiate with, then, in Russia.

    Russia may be the sole voice of reason now.

    I pray not.

    But the West’s “fearless leaders” (see Rocky and Bullwinkle) look batshit crazy, near foaming at the mouth for direct war with Russia, not satisfied with their proxy war.

    So. Now, while time permits, I want to state clearly that I am tired of hearing President Putin maligned as “evil”, disparaged with proven lies, called names such as “hobgoblin”. An intelligent three-year old knows better than that. Grown men who do it….discredit themselves.

  • IF America is ultimately manipulated into a Civil War where 90% of Americans die in the First Year, let’s be sure that we start with the Non-Americans who don’t belong here in our America in the first place.
    Everybody here in America must do their part. “We Can Do This.” FJB!

  • Oh my God !!!
    Patrick is either very misinformed about very naive.
    Majority of first responders are FreeMason.
    Military at the polls ???
    1 step closer to martial law , stupid idea !!!

    Besides it’s The Electoral College Vote That Decides The President Winner of the Election !!!
    Not the Popular Vote…
    Hello mcFly !!!!

  • Great Interview! THANK YOU Owen:) Looking so much forward to the new better world, based on LOVE, not on hate, death and destruction of the entire God given Nature, including us, humans!
    Just one tip: Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, that’s a POLISH name. He started to apply urine based peptides (s.c. anti-neoplastons) on cancer patients with incredible success. His entire story is best illustrated in ‘The Truth About Cancer’ documentary by T. + C. Bollingers. Dr. Jusy Mikovits is there too;). Dr. Rashid Buttar is having some kin of urine therapy too in order to deal with the genetic modifications inside of the covid injected individuals…

  • Americans just want to tear eachother up. My parents neighbors poisoned my mother and I. That’s just a small example of what everyone in America does. A house divided will never stand.

  • Although I respect her bravery, I’m not too sure about Dr. Judy Mikovits as she was a bit weird when she got into an argument with Dr. Andy Kaufman.
    -I hope she’s not a psyop.


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