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    Political power – armed, central authority, with states and war – is all of this a part of human nature?

    Is all of this necessary for human communities? Or are they tools that ruling elites use, to live at the expense of communities?

    Tools that do violence to human nature and the world?

    ‘Engines of Domination’ offers a theory of political power as a tool for making tools of human beings – an engine that converts human energy into authority and privilege for the rulers.

    Invented in the Bronze Age, brilliantly refined for six thousand years, today the engine has caused a human emergency that threatens to destroy our world.

    This documentary makes a powerful argument that there is only one way to save the future: Armed central authority must be abolished, giving way to a world of peaceful voluntary communities – in other words, this film is an argument for modern anarchism.


    From the creators of ‘Unveiled and Lifted,’ comes a visual adaptation of Mark Corske’s book, ‘Engines of Domination’.

    Produced by Mark Corske, Justin Jezewski and Cari-Lee Miller
    Edited by Justin Jezewski

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