The transhumanist agenda is a war on not only your thoughts and actions, but on the human genome, itself.

In this video, researcher Jordan Turner and I discuss the NIH acknowledged health effects of unnatural electromagnetic radiation; how they impacts your thoughts, your actions, your hormones and your DNA, which really serves the globalist lizard agenda against our species.

What can be done about this, really? The current social climate has pretty much forced us to be saturated with these fields, even if we turn off our devices.

We know this because, as the video shows, the levels we are exposed to in sight of a tower are the same as if an active cell phone transmitting data were next to our heads.

Several protection methods are also tested in this video that are worth a watch to see those results.

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  • Oh my dear gawd. Every single person here, male or female are the most unintelligent shallow pos’s I’ve ever wasted more than 5 minutes to listen to. The only exception is the guy in the blue t shirt, actually has a brain and uses it, has actually thought about these kinds of things, the rest of the group sound like 3rd graders emotionally and academically. Heavy sigh if this is our future, we as a species are done for.
    The guys, besides the one in blue t shirt sound like narcissitic aresholes. God help any woman stuck with one of these turd heads

  • Turn off your Wifi. If your phone needs a download turn it on, then turn it back off. Use cables instead of Wifi. If you use your phone as part of your job, as a lot of us have to, use a Bluetooth headset, which produces less radiation than cellular, or set the phone down and put it on speaker phone if you don’t give a rat’s ass who hears your conversation.

  • I stopped using cell phone about a year ago. I do not miss at all! I was sick yesterday so shut off the laptop and all media, I slept for 2 days pretty much! I opened the laptop and tried listening and all I heard for the first half hour was, blah, blah, blah! Ai is demonic and prefer speaking to rocks, they are at least honest!

    • Next time, you should also add some pure water to drink
      It’s mostly about getting rid of diseased cells and other unclean stuff out of body.

  • It’s a commercial. I don’t appreciate it. More importantly you have so many pop ups I can not get rid of them and I can not see the screen. Moreover, your adds feed the beast! And I hat Google because they play god!!!

    Either design the pop ups so I am able to close them or get rid of them altogether. OR ELSE I AM OUT OF HERE and I will no longer share or recommend your site.

    Dr. Kent

  • Wow, Alexandra. Your description of what has happened to you after decades on the computer, has made me perk up my ears, and note that I have changed in some of those very ways.

  • Have you folks ever looked up about connection between solar flare and flu symptom?
    I believe radiation should be a big concern.
    I heard when somebody mentioned about radiation coming in much more than before because of Ozone layer destruction, and because of some sort of portal being opened causing some issue about transmission of universal energy or some sort.


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