Matthew Tyrmand joins Emerald Robinson on the Absolute Truth with his report on the massive election fraud and Communist takeover in Brazil.

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  • Glad you pick up the issue!
    I am living in Rio de Janeiro for 15 years and see a huge majority, even of more humble persons, who support Bolsonaro. Lula is a criminal who has been released from prison by his own buddies in the supreme court, as incredible as it seems.
    He should have never been allowed to be candidate in the first place. But as he was nominated he faced fierce opposition in any public appearance leading him to avoid public at all.
    While Bolsonaro is the most loved president of Brasil ever. These elections have been ripped without any doubt. There is no broad support for Lula. But …. it is very well possible that the audit of the military only utters “doubts” asking for further investigations, which will never occur.
    The game is open. We are in the streets asking the military for intervention.

    • Sir, you have my respect, and my sympathy.
      I only wish that “My Fellow Americans” were as brave and patriotic as you Brazilians are, but it is shamefully obvious that we aren’t since our Midterm elections were blatantly stolen yesterday. It is very difficult for me to have to admit that a nation of people as heavily-armed as we are continues to be treated as gullible children for the second time in two years. Hopefully your Military is also more Patriotic than ours is. It has become apparent to me that when dealing with a Regime of thieves, simply legally Voting is never the answer. In fact, our Presidential usurper Joe Biden stands with the thieves, not the people, and could not wait to congratulate his fellow criminal and thief in Brazil.
      There is a fellow American patriot here named Michael Lindell who is very familiar with electronic voter machine theft and possesses the electronic data from your election that has registered a loss of 5.1 Million votes.
      Stand strong and do not give up, Sir. Good luck to you.


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